Blog May 3
Jason Kenney. Photo: michael_swan/flickr
David J. Climenhaga | After the weekend, the UCP will quietly get to work on its real priorities: tax cuts for the rich, benefit cuts for the poor, and carte blanche for the fossil fuel industry.
Podcast May 3
Operation Solidarity rally 1983
Victoria Fenner | "You can't just put people in white hats and black hats. There's always a dimension to them that, as you get to know them, is good to know." - Rod Mickleburgh
Blog May 2
Paul Kagame. Image: Veni/Flickr
Yves Engler | Canada’s humanitarian hero is openly aligned with Africa's most bloodstained ruler.
Podcast May 2
'The Cleaners' documentary at Hot Docs
David Peck | Hans Block and Moritz Riesewieck talk about their new film "The Cleaners," censorship, the new digital public, content moderators, and what it means to outsource responsibility.
Blog May 2
Wind turbines. Photo: Tobias Nordhausen/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | The furious debate about the merits of current and future pipeline projects underscores the need for an evidence-based long-term energy strategy for Canada.
News May 2
2017 Paddle for the Peace. Photo: Louis Bockner
Rita Wong | A review of "Breaching the Peace: The Site C Dam and a Valley's Stand Against Big Hydro."
Columnists May 1
Image: oaktree_brian_1976/Wikimedia Commons
Rick Salutin | Toronto's van attack tested all of us. And not everyone gets a passing grade.
Blog May 1
Image: Twm/Flickr
David Suzuki | The debasement of public discourse through poorly moderated online commenting and unreliable media has spawned an army of people who don't concern themselves with facts or logical consistency.
Columnists May 1
Data on computer screen. Image: Blogtrepreneur/Flickr
Victoria Henry, Digital Freedom Update | The Facebook scandal has shown how Canada's privacy laws have failed to protect us, and how they have no power to help us prevent something like this from happening again.
Columnists May 1
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau takes part in a Women One roundtable discussion in Washington. PMO Photo by Adam Scotti
Duncan Cameron | Justin Trudeau has followed up on his initial engagements with the Trump administration, and made gender equality the priority item of his G7 presidency.
Podcast May 1
Organizing the left in Montreal's South Asian communities
Scott Neigh | Shazma Abdulla and Vijay Kolinjivadi talk about the work of Garam Masala, a collective which helps South Asians navigate the complicated realities of diasporic life in Montreal.
Blog April 30
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Penney Kome | With the recent Toronto van attack and the Parkland shootings, the perpetrators seemed to be aiming at women. Femicide has become public.