Blog November 16
Carolyn Bennett, federal Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, Rachel Notley, Premier of Alberta joined Chief Billy Joe Laboucan, of the Lubicon Lake Band, at a special ceremony held in Little Buffalo on Tuesday, November 13, 2018, to celebrate the historic land claim settlement of the Lubicon Lake Band which was signed in late October. Photo: Premier of Alberta/Flickr
Penney Kome | Premier Rachel Notley and her NDP government have resolved an 1880s oversight that left a small Alberta First Nation stranded on unceded land, without treaty protection.
Blog November 16
Twitter photo via @fordnation.
Brent Patterson | What was in the economic statement released by the Ford government in Ontario?
Blog November 15
rabble staff | Thanks to our readers we're well on the way to our goal of $50,000 for our fundraiser and you have until November 30 to help make that happen.
Podcast November 15
2-15 Venezuela Colombia Migrant Crisis
Victoria Fenner | Steve Ellner, professor of economic history and political science in Venezuela talks to Michael Welch about the factors behind the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela that we’re not hearing.
Columnists November 15
Amazon sign in Birmingham, U.K. Photo: Elliott Brown/Wikimedia Commons
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Will Amazon's HQ2 spark a magical, high-tech age, or will it kill small businesses, drive up rents and leave the cadaver of a working-class neighbourhood in its wake?
News November 15
Renée Pellerin | There is now significant evidence that breast cancer screening does more harm than good because, among other reasons, it can lead to overdiagnosis. So why is it still a major health policy?
Blog November 15
Calgary Olympic Park. Photo: David Wilson/Wikimedia Commons
David J. Climenhaga | A plebiscite on a plan clearly strongly opposed by many on both sides of Alberta's political divide is probably not a reliable barometer of voter intentions in the election next spring.
Podcast November 15
What is Democracy?
Face2Face | Film director Astra Taylor explores the myths and truths about democracy, and the roots of the word itself. What does democracy really mean?
News November 14
Photo: flickr/Roland Tanglao
Karl Nerenberg | Both a Senate committee and a government-appointed panel are reviewing the federal Broadcast Act. If the public hearings are any indication, public broadcasting is in for a rough ride.
Columnists November 14
A woman stands near a burning barricade holding the national flag of Nicaragua. Photo: Voice of America/Wikimedia Commons
Lois Ross | These are serious and troubling times in Nicaragua. Protests since April have left hundreds dead and many more incarcerated or missing. Where will the turmoil end and how?
Blog November 14
Image: Facebook
David J. Climenhaga | Monday was not a good day for Alberta Opposition Leader Jason Kenney and his supporter John Carpay. Yesterday wasn't either.
Podcast November 14
New Film 'Emu Runner' explores Australian Indigenous cultures and respecting differences.
Face2Face | The new film "Emu Runner" addressing social realism, loss and grief, challenging stereotypes, intergenerational trauma, taking more time for others and Indigenous rights and cultures in Australia.