Hospital keeps homeless FN man in waiting room for 34 hours; he dies

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Hospital keeps homeless FN man in waiting room for 34 hours; he dies

This happened over two years ago, and the pigs are only now planning to investigate. If a settler had had this done to him I bet the "police" would be all this in a heartbeat.

Police said they'll be launching a criminal probe into the death of Brian Sinclair, a homeless man who waited for 34 hours in a hospital's emergency room in September 2008.

Police made the announcement today, nearly six months after Toronto-based Clayton Ruby, a lawyer for the family, called on officers to investigate.  They said they willl now be assembling a team of investigators to look into the death as a potentially criminal matter.

The 45-year-old man's death made national headlines and raised concerns about the quality of ER care and the treatment of aboriginal people in the health-care system.


And finally:

[url= begins into waiting room death of Brian Sinclair[/url]


Security tape at the Health Sciences Centre (HSC) shows Sinclair, a 45-year-old double amputee, went to the triage desk and spoke to an aide before wheeling himself into the waiting room.

That appears to have been his only interaction with staff.

Almost a day-and-a-half later, another person in the waiting room finally spoke up about Sinclair. Efforts to revive him were unsuccessful.


Listened to this while driving today - and sat in the parked car when I arrived to hear the end:

[url= Nations: Second-Class Health Care[/url]

You can hear all 27 minutes [url=



[url='s death due to racism, think tank says[/url]


A Toronto health policy think-tank says in a new report the death of Brian Sinclair is a prime example of how racism leads to poor treatment of indigenous people in Canada's health-care system.

The Wellesley Institute report, First Peoples, Second Class Treatment, takes a broad look at the impact of racism and stereotyping on the health of indigenous people. It looks at the Brian Sinclair case in a section on racism and access to health care, under the heading "fatal racism."

"Racism, the refusal of care and poor treatment of indigenous peoples in the Canadian health care system are well documented in health research," concludes the report. "For Mr. Sinclair, the impact of racism proved fatal."

Sinclair was 45 when he died of a treatable bladder infection in the waiting area of the emergency room at the Health Sciences Centre in September 2008, after waiting 34 hours for care.

An inquest, which looked a this death specifically, excluded the issue of racism in its study.

The full report of the Wellesley Institute, as well as an executive summary, are available here:

[url= Peoples, Second Class Treatment: The role of racism in the health and well-being of Indigenous peoples in Canada[/url]


Thank you for the links Unionist.  It is incredible to consider that racism was excluded by the inquest, what a fine example of racism!

There are so many examples of the destructive force of colonialism.   I was glad to see the slaughter of the Inuit sled dogs included in the "First Peoples, Second Class Treatment" study, yet another disturbing example of imprisoning people in communities by depriving them of the resouces to follow their traditional way of life.

One consequence for the Inuit in the past fifty years is the destruction of dental health, the mouths of their children are filled with cavities as their land diet has been replaced with a diet of processed food.  Naturally this means as adults they have problems that stem from this and inadequate dental care.

Brian Sinclair died because of racism, he had an entirely treatable condition, shame on those who ignored him.