"Incident" at Elsipogtog

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"Incident" at Elsipogtog

Today I attended at a sacred fire for the people of Elsipogtog.  My heart is heavy, and I am filled with sadness as well as anger.  I don't understand why it is our people who are at the front lines when it comes to the protection of Mother Earth.  Where are the citizens of Rexton, and other neighbouring communities?  Do they not realize that it is their land and water that is being threatened? The threat is real, and the damage that could occur is not something that can easily be repaired.

This is not a treaty or aboriginal rights issue.  Fracking and other energy projects threaten the very lives of all human beings, as well as the plants and animals.  I wish for ordinary citizens to wake up, and call upon their government representatives to stop this destruction of the land and waters that support life including those of families and communities.  

In traditional indigenous governance, any chief that did not work for the welfare of the people would find himself quickly no longer being a chief.  Hold your leaders to account.  Get together with each other, and start talking, and learning.  I can see a great storm coming, and no one is prepared.  We need to get ready for the days ahead.  I know our people are trying to remember and practice those values and traditions that have, so far, allowed us to survive.  But now Mother Earth is threatened, and we have little time left.


the call was made and women around the world heard. then understood. there's only 1 dream to dream into reality.

from the mothers running with their children through the war zones in the middle east to the mothers in the killing and raping fields of Africa and on to the Mi'kmaq women, my sisters, standing against the RCMP yesterday.

we all have the same dream; a free and safe world for ourselves and our children. and all the children of the Great Mother.

tensions are high and those arrested are not being released on the idea it will cool things down. it won't. mayhaps people across Canada will demand their release?

before this yesterday the crown broke their friendship and peace agreement with my people. we have no other treaty with the crown like other First Nations do. when the crown's military refused to come to Mi'kmaq aid the agreement was broken. now there's no more agreement between the crown's government of canada and the Mi'kmaq Nation.


Military Assault on Mi'kmaq: 29 Messages of Love and Support


"Global support poured in for Mi'kmaq who were attacked by Canadian police and military forces with snipers, police dogs and pepper spray.

The military assault on peaceful Native people is now a battle cry resounding around the world..."


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"Please tell all our sisters and brothers that we stand united in the defence of Mother Earth on their side and that we too suffer under the Canadians of European extraction, because they rape Earth also over the world with their mining activities.

We have been fighting since 10 years, but the Canadians and now Chinese pockets are deep - and they never give up.

It's pure colonialism.


In Solidarity

Thari Bibi (from the Watha Nation)"