Activists demand Accessible Activism

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Activists demand Accessible Activism


G8/G20 Communiqué: The case for Accessible Activism

By Krystalline Kraus | June 17, 2010 |

" If I can't dance is it still my revolution?

I borrowed that line from this blog and it makes me feel sad.

In a way, my heart is not happy as a write this; doing research for other causes/issues and the G8/G20 meetings has been easy and empowering but it seems all forward/progressive movement comes to a screeching halt when I tackle the issue of Accessible Activism for those who move, communicate or process information differently than the mainstream(=law of averages).

I mean, I've even had it suggested to me that I don't come to a demo because, "people like you complicate things" and "you'll just get in the way."

Well, sorry if my dis/ability stands in the way of your revolution, my apologies; I'll just sit in the corner and keep out of your way. Nice to feel included, eh?"




G8/G20 Communiqué: Activists demand Accessible Activism

By Krystalline Kraus | June 23, 2010 |

 Demand Accessible Activism, not exclusion or tokenism. Activists with dis/abilities face enough disgusting barriers in life as is, let the movement: be the change we want to see!

 First things first for any activist who is differently abled: If anyone dares to tell you to stay home from a demo because they cannot accommodate you into their demo, here's what you do:

 They say:  "Stay Home"

You say: "Fuck off!"



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