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Canada Refuses To Cancel Arms Sales To Saudi Despite Rights Violations

"Credibility matters..."


Canada's Diplomats on the Saudi LAV Deal - See No Evil, Hear No Evil    -   by David Pugliese

"The controversy about the Liberal government's decision to allow the sale of Canadian-built light armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia isn't expected to go away anytime soon (The sale was approved by the Conservatives when they were in power and supported by the NDP during the election campaign)."


The Secret Saudi Memo: Dissecting How the Document Contradicts What Ottawa Has Said


where's a quote of the NDP supporting this?


On Saudi Arms Deal The New Boss is Just Like the Old Boss  -  by Neil Macdonald

"Well. If further proof was needed that the sunny new regime in Ottawa is perfectly capable of behaving just like the un-sunny previous regime, we now have it, in a memo that was stamped 'secret' then rather inconveniently laid bare in the Federal Court of Canada..."


quizzical wrote:

where's a quote of the NDP supporting this?

As is its usual practice in such matters, the No Difference Party has covered all its bases and danced around the mulberry bush on all sides of this issue. Google 'NDP supports Saudi arms sales' and you'll turn up a selection. PS although these are probably also posted here in various related threads, don't bother trying to retrieve them with the ridiculous babble-browser...


[url=]Automatically e-mail Trudeau, Dion and all party leaders to ask that they not export arms to Saudi Arabia[/url]


[url= releases redacted report on human rights in Saudi Arabia[/url]


The report is undated, but provides Dion with an "update" following the Jan. 2 execution by Saudi authorities of 47 individuals convicted of terrorism-related offences.

It is unclear when the full report was presented to Dion, who met with Adel Al Jubeir, Saudi Arabia's minister of foreign affairs, in Ottawa on Dec. 17.

Many sections or paragraphs in the report are blocked out and noted as "Classified" or "Confidential," while the final two pages are withheld under sections of the law that protect information obtained from a foreign source or that could be "injurious to the conduct of international affairs" or the defence of Canada.

But some of the redactions are specific.

"Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy and — ," the report said, with the end of that sentence blacked out.

"It faces a deteriorating regional security situation; a growing domestic terrorist threat; including from the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS); a young and expanding population; growing unemployment; and domestic economic pressure resulting from its heavy reliance on the oil sector and the decrease in oil prices."

"The Kingdom tends to refute outside criticism on human rights issues," the update to the minister said, with the sentence following it blacked out.

Two paragraphs listing "ongoing human rights challenges to watch for in the next year" have been redacted in their entirety.

I suggest Minister Dion visit to check for himself. And stay.


CrossTalk: Those 28 Pages

"Finally there is a renewed effort to declassifying 28 pages of a 838 page congressional report on the events of  911..."


Automatically e-mail Trudeau, Dion and all party leaders to ask that they not export arms to Saudi Arabia....

...the problem being of course that Canada as a major arms dealer would suffer a significant loss of reputation in the 'trade'...

they are not about to do anything unless their backs are against the wall!

How to do this is the question...a judicial process must be initiated to challenge Canada as complicit in crimes against humanity, and therefore be subject to boycotts and sanctions...

I plan to propose some NGO judicial process at the upcoming World Social Forum in Montreal, as first step....


Don't forget Canada's ongoing armed assistance to the rotting Nazi Oligarchy of Ukraine, as well...


Saudi Arms Deal Approval Was Illegal, Lawyer Argues

"It's quite unusual that a government, knowing that there's a case brought before the court goes ahead and delivers permits when it has the knowledge that the legality of the issue was before a court, [lawyer, Daniel] Turp said in an interview Thursday.

'We will continue to respect contracts signed because people around the world need to know that when Canada signs a deal it is rejected,' Trudeau said this week..."


"it is rejected" wtf? i don't get this. 

the world needs to know it is rejected or "isn't rejected"?


Should read "respected" not 'rejected..


oh ok thanks


NDPP wrote:

Don't forget Canada's ongoing armed assistance to the rotting Nazi Oligarchy of Ukraine, as well...

Nice try (and attempt at making it all about Ukraine), but actually they aren't, despite the flak.

Unless you think they can beat people to death with those sleeping bags.


Saudi Arabia And Its Role in 9/11 Terror Attack: George Galloway's Comment (and vid)

"Terror attacks, refugee crises and destruction since 2001, especially the emergence of Daesh, have almost entirely resulted from the Wahhabi attack in the US on 9/11. The US regime has prevented the release of the 28-page document that confirms many crimes. Yet US President Obama has reaffirmed support for Washington's Arab allies..."

And like the obedient good doggy it is, vassal Canada follows its imperial master's lead.


Tasha Kheiriddin: Stop Supporting Saudi Apartheid

"Later this month, the Liberals will host Saudi folk dancing on the lawn of Parliament Hill, as part of a Saudi Cultural Days, which is set to take place May 18-21 in Ottawa..."

When may we expect 'Stop Supporting Israeli Apartheid' from the NP as well?


Saudi-Israel Guarding US Interests & Terrorism (and vid)

"Another 'Conspiracy Theory' made official..."



Just to counter the fake news, manufactured by AIPAC, that there might be "progressive change" happening in Saudi Arabia.


lol. the CIA just gave them an anti-terrorism award.


Awarding Saudi Arabia Chair on Women's Rights Commission Makes UN Complicit in Crimes  -  by Marwa Osman

The Saudi Arabia that publicly beheads women and dangles bodies from cranes was just elected to the UN Women's Rights Commission. What I would really like to consider is the question: What on Earth is going on at the UN?"