Breaking News....Major Protest at Tony Clement's Office in Huntsville Tomorrow from 12 to 2 !!!!

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Breaking News....Major Protest at Tony Clement's Office in Huntsville Tomorrow from 12 to 2 !!!!

8 Bus loads of miners from Sudbury along with NDP MP's Claude Gravelle, Glen Thibeault and Ken Lewenza, CAW president, are descending upon Tony Clements constituency office in Huntsville Tomorrow. MP Charlie Angus is will try to make it as well. Clement, as Industry Minister, gave the go-ahead for Xstrata, the foreign company that took over Canadian nickel giant Falconbridge, to break it's agreement with investment Canada not to lay off anyone for 3 years. Well, a couple weeks ago they did just that, laying off 598 Miners.

Along with NDP supporters, many members of local unions are also pledging to show their solidarity.

The Parry Sound - Muskoka NDP Riding association has mobilized as many as possible to come join in the protest.

Clements constituency office in Huntsville is located at 202 Main St. West. If you can join us, please do!

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About 250 laid-off workers and supporters rallied outside Clement's office for about an hour and a half.

Clement was not in his office, but his secretary agreed to meet with Dwight Harper, president of Mine Mill and Smelter Workers' Union Local 598/CAW. The union represents about 580 of the laid-off workers....

The union wants a copy of a written agreement between Investment Canada and Xstrata. In the agreement, Xstrata committed it would refrain from layoffs until the end of July of this year in return for the federal government's approval of the company's 2006 takeover of Falconbridge Ltd. If the company were to follow through on the agreement, workers would get about an additional seven weeks pay.

"Our ultimate goal is obviously to get our jobs back. Barring that, we want to get the right restitution for their commitment," Harper said.

The union also wants a transcript of a meeting that took place the weekend prior to the layoffs, Harper said.

"Our next step, barring some progress with a meeting with Mr. Clement, we are probably going to take our fight to Ottawa," Harper said.

[url=Sudbury">][=mediu... Star[/][/url], Friday Feb. 20. 


They failed to mention the support & solidarity from the CUPE local, Orillia and Muskoka Labour Congress, The Parry Sound Muskoka NDP, a "live" message of support via Black Berry in from France Gelinas NDP MPP.... it really was amazing. The signs left behind coating the outside of Clements Office was a powerful statement. Not sure The MSM  stuck around long enough to see it. CBC/Radio Canada, CTV, Cogeco, Muskoka Today, Huntsville Forester and other local weeklies were all there. 

I would question the number quoted as was more likely well over 300.  (7-8 full bus loads.). 

Some video will be posted soon.