Harper is muzzling govt scientists. Can 'citizen science' save the day?

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Harper is muzzling govt scientists. Can 'citizen science' save the day?

Canada's Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault will be heading up an investigation into six governmental agencies to determine whether the Harper government has been "muzzling" its scientists.

According to Democracy Watch (democracywatch.ca), "Canada’s federal Conservative government led by Prime Minister Harper has established new policies that hide government research and valuable information Canadians have paid for – policies that are the same as those George W. Bush put in place when he was U.S. President."

But there's hope!  

Citizen science (or community science) brings together trained scientists and regular, everyday folks to commit acts of science. Communities are monitoring, analyzing, and collecting data all in an effort to contribute to scientific knowledge. Citizen science is open, and it's participatory.  You don't need scientific know-how or expertise to be a part of it.

Western University's journalism students are currently working a seven-part series about citizen science which will soon be posted on Rabble.

And we need your help! We want to know what you think about citizen science.

Do you think citizen science has the potential to impact traditional science?

Have you ever participated in something like this? Have you ever monitored birds, or tested the water quality in your community?

Do you think citizen science is 'real' science?

Have you ever used citizen science to further a cause?

Please let us know what YOU think about this growing, participatory movement!