If you love animals, help stop "puppy mills"

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martin dufresne
If you love animals, help stop "puppy mills"

Ever wonder where the adorable puppies in the pet store come from? The answer is not a pretty one -- puppy mills.

Canada is home to a multimillion-dollar puppy mill industry, which breeds puppies as well as inexcusable cruelty on a massive scale >>

In puppy mills, animals have no human contact and live in tiny, unsanitary cages that are sometimes stacked so that excrement and urine falls through, matting the poor animals' fur. Once the dogs are too worn out from breeding repeatedly, they are often killed.

As a Canadian citizen, don't let the abuse of these innocent animals continue in your country!

Ontario is the first and only province in Canada to enact legislation that specifically covers puppy mills, increasing punishment for puppy mill operators -- It's time to make this change on a national scale.


Please urge the Prime Minister and Justice Minister to revise Canada's Cruelty to Animals Act and put an end to animal abuse in puppy mills

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Context from the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

Ontario Animal Welfare Act gets stronger penalties