International Day Against Homophobia: Volunteers Needed: Toronto: Sun May 17

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International Day Against Homophobia: Volunteers Needed: Toronto: Sun May 17

I might be there that day. Anyone out there want to join me?


International Day Against Homophobia

Do you want to help challenge homophobia and transphobia?


Sunday May 17, 2009
International Day Against Homophobia

What it is:

A day to remember the struggles of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, transsexual and queer people facing oppression in Canada and throughout the world.

On this day we will be launching an educational pamphlet developed by a team of mostly LGBTQ immigrants and refugees, including The 519 volunteers and community members* on the struggles of LGBTQ Immigrants and Refugees in Toronto, in recognition of this year?s theme: ?Homosexuality Knows No Borders.?

How you can help:

On Sunday May 17, we need volunteers to hit the streets distributing our new pamphlet to help educate Toronto on how people in our communities experience and survive homophobia, transphobia and discrimination.

JOIN US in this campaign!

We will be meeting at The 519 at 10:30 am for a free breakfast before we go out to share our message. At 2:00pm we will return to The 519 for a lunch and to celebrate our day together. We are expecting a fun day, sunshine and to open some minds.

Please contact Scott Clarke, The 519 Volunteer Coordinator by May 4, 2009 to register your spot:

* We are so excited by the hard work and support of Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services, Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office, Griffin Centre and Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants!

Please note: All volunteers will be placed in teams of 6 - 8 with a staff person when distributing pamphlets. Though we expect little issues, some people may be resistant to our message. A training will be offered before May 17 where we can discuss any questions you may have. Please remember that there will always be a staff person present with your team, and you may volunteer to distribute fliers in the Church Street area, or in other parts of the city.