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Thomas Berger, eh!

John Horgan couldn't do better than this to try and block the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion

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Ian Anderson needs to at the moment STFU!


Let's see how many right-wing NDP bashers rightwinger Keith Baldrey can fit into a rightwing Global News article, eh!

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Show your support for the B.C. government's action against Kinder Morgan

B.C. Environment Minister George Heyman just announced that Kinder Morgan “cannot put shovels in the ground” on public land, without further consultation with First Nations. [1]

The B.C. government is throwing a wrench in Kinder Morgan’s plans to start pipeline construction this September, and signalling that even tougher actions could be coming soon.

They pledged to join First Nations fighting the federal pipeline approval in court, and appointed a high-powered legal counsel who “literally wrote the book on stopping pipelines” by including Indigenous perspectives. [2]

With the BC government on our side, our chances to stop the pipeline are better than ever. But the government is already facing major backlash from big oil lobbyists and the BC Liberals. In the next few days, they will pull out all stops to convince the government to soften their stance. 

If we want the government to stand firm in their opposition to Kinder Morgan, they need to know voters support strong action against the pipeline.

Will you let the BC Government know you support bold action to defend the B.C. coast and uphold Indigenous rights?

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Canada can win by saying 'yes' to B.C.'s sustainable future


BC NDP enters Trans Mountain battleground

The province will join the legal fight against the federal government’s approval of Trans Mountain’s expansion by seeking intervenor status in court proceedings — proceedings that would not be taking place if Trudeau's promise to overhaul the Kinder Morgan review had been kept.

The B.C. government will not allow construction on Crown land until adequate First Nations consultation occurs and is seeking legal advice on its options regarding a lawsuit in BC Supreme Court challenging provincial approval of the expansion.

Every Canadian should be encouraged by this.

British Columbia’s stand against abusing the interests of the people who live there is a stand against such abuse across the nation. The private financial gain that occurs when huge corporations override cultural, economic and environmental needs of society — aided by duplicitous elected officials who do their bidding — is not unique to B.C. and the Trans Mountain expansion project.

Approval not based on facts

As indicated by a number of scientists and prominent politicians, the approval of the pipeline expansion was not based on facts, evidence or the best interest of Canadians. It was approved to support the private financial interests of a Texas-based pipeline company along with a handful of overextended oilsands producers — and the banks who finance them — caught oversupplying a product long past its climate change 'best before' date.

Corporate powers, their lobby groups, Alberta or Ottawa cannot be allowed to circulate erroneous statements portending economic fallout while the B.C. government seeks to fulfill its duty. Such misrepresentations play on legitimate concerns that if the public interest is protected, it will come at grave cost. In this case, these concerns are not warranted and it is irresponsible to fuel them with falsehoods.....

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..from democracy now headlines

Peru: Indigenous Nations in Amazon Seize Control of Canadian Company’s Oil Facilities

In Peru, members of Indigenous Amazonian Nations have seized control of some of the oil facilities operated by the Canadian company Frontera Energy Corp, demanding the Peruvian government carry out a consultation with the Indigenous nations before signing a new contract with the oil company. This is the leader of the Rio Pastaza Tribe, Aurelio Chino.

Aurelio Chino: "If they don’t give us a good answer to our previous demand, then I can assure you my people will rise up. We’re not going to just sit around, and for sure we are going to defend ourselves to the end, to teach them to respect us."

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National Energy Board warns of unmet Trans Mountain requirements

Before Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd. can begin construction of its controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion in September as planned, the National Energy Board says the company still has some hoops to jump through.


The NEB also said it has received 452 statements of opposition on the detailed routing of the pipeline expansion, including five from Indigenous groups, and 121 from landowners. A panel of NEB board members is reviewing the statements, and will set up hearings in the fall that will last several months.

In the letter to Mr. Carr, the NEB also noted that the results of a preconstruction audit of Trans Mountain's management systems will be made publicly available in the weeks ahead.

"The intent of the audit was to evaluate whether Trans Mountain had established the necessary oversight measures in the preconstruction phase to manage safety and environmental protection during construction of the project," it said.

B.C. Environment Minister George Heyman said in August that the province has not accepted all of the company's environmental-management plans.

Five were rejected because of inadequate negotiations with First Nations, he said. The NDP government opposes the pipeline expansion and has said it intends to seek intervenor status in a case challenging the project. The Federal Court of Appeal is expected to hear it in October.

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Why Norway may leave $65bn worth of oil in the ground

EARLIER this month the fjords of Norway’s Lofoten Islands rang out with the cries of activists. For an entire week, environmental groups and local fishermen rallied to oppose plans to drill for oil near the pristine archipelago. The demonstrations were timely: Norway is due to hold parliamentary elections in September, and the country’s two main parties—Labour and the Conservatives—are both in favour of lifting a ban on oil excavation around Lofoten. The areas surrounding the archipelago are estimated to hold 1.3bn barrels in resources, equivalent to more than $65bn at today’s prices, if all of that is found to be easily accessible oil. Norway’s oil production has nearly halved over the past 15 years, and is set to fall by another 11% by 2019. The government says Lofoten “must at some point come into play”. Yet many analysts expect the moratorium to remain. Why?.....


National Energy Board OKs Trans Mountain expansion of Burnaby terminal

Kinder Morgan has met all 157 conditions imposed on the project, the board says


National Energy Board to hold hearings on detailed Trans Mountain pipeline route


Calling Kinder Morgan’s bluff


The Search for Trans Mountain’s 15,000 Construction Jobs


had hoped to start work near next Weds. But they don't have the permits!

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A Tiny House to Send a Big Message: Stop Kinder Morgan

Next week, members of the Secwepemc Nation will build the first of ten tiny homes. They will put them directly in the path of the Kinder Morgan TransMountain pipeline.

The traditional territory of the Secwepemc is the largest in B.C. and spans from the Rocky Mountains and Jasper National park in the east to the Fraser River in the west. Secwepemc has never given its consent for Kinder Morgan to cross their lands or waters and in fact have, ‘explicitly and irrevocably’ refused its passage through their territory.

Despite this explicit lack of consent Kinder Morgan continues to try to push its pipeline forward. The pipeline expansion would span 518 km of Secwepemc territory and would pose ongoing threats to the land, to the water, to the salmon, and to the climate. These are just some of the reasons why these tiny houses are being built.

The Secwepemc ‘Tiny House Warriors’ will stand to defend their lands and waters and to showcase the solutions they want for their community. The tiny houses will help members re-connect to the land. They will provide homes for members of their community. And eventually they will produce the clean, renewable energy our world needs when they receive their solar upgrade.....


Folks may be surprised to see who will be joining the protest.

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..from an email


You are invited to a solidarity event in support of First Nations’ legal challenges to the Kinder Morgan and Petronas pipeline, on Saturday, September 23 from 5 - 9 PM, at Roger's Plaza in North Vancouver!! You can bid adieu to summer while sampling craft beer by Green Leaf and indulging in delicious treats from Cafe by Tao and other food vendors. Music by Ta’kaiya Blaney, Leora Cashe and Michael Vincent.

This event, including the concert, is by donation. All proceeds go toward First Nations legal challenges to the Kinder Morgan and Petronas pipelines. Get the updates on FaceBook: Turning Tides - end of summer outdoor extravaganza




Pull Together - Kinder Morgan:   Thanks to you the campaign has passed the $500k goal!! The Stk’emlupsemc Te Secwepemc Nation (SSN) has now joined the campaign, so the new campaign goal is $625,000 to accommodate the larger need for funds. We're making plans for the October hearing in federal court -- scheduled to start Monday, October 2 in Vancouver and run for 9 days. Join us for "9 Days of Solidarity" during  the court challenge.


Obama Gets Carlyle Speaking Gig

"Everything I learned, I learned from the Clintons..."  - Obama