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EMERGENCY PICKET OUTSIDE ISRAELI CONSULATE 180 BLOOR ST WEST (Avenue and Bloor) TORONTO, 5-7 PM  Monday, please spread the word!


Very high powered event - spirited anger. Lots of people for a Monday evening - news reported 1,000. Very loud. After about an hour, the demo marched through downtown. The JDL stayed away. In fact, there was just one lone counter-protestor in front of the consulate, perhaps a sign of just how isolated Israel is right now. 


Video of Naomi Klein's speech at the Toronto protest coming very soon.  :)  She was amazing!  Didn't mince any words either, including calling out cultural workers who are performing in Israel.

Lord Palmerston

Polunatic2 wrote:
In fact, there was just one lone counter-protestor in front of the consulate, perhaps a sign of just how isolated Israel is right now.

Yeah, he had quite the placard.  I'm sure he must have gotten some attention in the media.


I'm sure he must have gotten some attention in the media.

I only watched Global news and didn't see him. 

Here's some pictures of other demos around the world as well as the attack. 

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Any photos of the demos in Turkey? The one outside the Israeli Embassy should be very interesting.


Ottawa Netanyahu Visit and Flotilla Attack Protest (with pics)

"On May 31, 2010 approximately 200 protesters gathered to oppose the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as well as to condemn the attack of the Israeli Defence Force on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla..."


CPJME Action: Speak Out Against Israeli Attack On Humanitarian Ships

"Please take 30 seconds to speak out against Israeli killing of international activists taking aid to Gaza.."



UN Calls For Gaza Ship Inquiry

"The UN Security Council is calling for an impartial investigation of Israel's commando raids on ships taking humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.."

No UN demand to end the Gaza blockade in a weakened Turkish initiative after pressure by US diplomats


Excellent video!! Good work.


Really well done. Thanks, Michelle.

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The protests world wide were amazing, and I so wish I lived in a city, at times like this. As such, I am grateful and thankful that there are thoseI call my allies that are doing so.


So thanks  from me, for those that did protest in solidarity publically yesterday. Know you speak for thousands who cannot get there.

Global's coverage here in BC was dismal, and angering at the same time. I watched all 3 just to see what the difference was.

Not suprisingly anymore, CTV had the best.


Global had Frank D on it sounding like the slithering asshole he is, and someone from the Monk Centre, their audacity was dispical.

Netanyahu, spouted the lines SCC tried to sell us yesterday, that the Israeli soldiers were being "attacked", so they had to defend themselves. However his demeanor indicated the lies contained in that, as he looked away from the cameras and down,  when he said it and shuffled hisfingers around briefly. His advisors should teach him a bit more control over body mechanics and lying, if Israel is going to continue with its human rights abuses and they are being forced to explain themselves.


Which is actually the first time in a long while that any Israli PM has tried to explain away their actions, which indicates really this is the dying days. peak Israel, as we currewntly know it, has come and  gone.


Perhaps rotating pickets of Chapters Indigo, across the nation should happen given that Reisman and Swartz send part of their profits to IDF soldiers, perhaps even those who did this bloody massacre have been on the receiving end of their blood money.

Papal Bull

I was very impressed by what I saw when I went to the march yesterday. I showed up late getting in from the Furthest East of the GO Line, but managed to scuttle up to the ROM by the Israeli Consulate in Toronto where I gave some kind words to the brave hunger strikers.

I didn't know that there was a larger protest at first, but those fine people informed me that the march had moved south through Queen's Park where I managed to meet up with the larger crowd. First thing I noticed? The children and the young people. Parents brought out their kids and I was delighted to see more than one child holding up a 'Free Palestine' sign with a big smile on their face. I doubt that a child can understand the gravity of the situation, but an introduction is an introduction. Moreover, I saw more than one kind face that I knew as I got into the crowd. It was diverse and there were people from all walks of life there - a lot of people are clearly distressed by this horrid act of violence perpetrated by Israel against a group of unarmed activists offering relief to a beleagured people. It was an amazing action, Naomi Klein spoke with conviction and emotion - I don't think it can be stressed enough how amazing it is that so large a group of concerned voices could be assembled so shortly after an abominable assault on solidarity perpetrated by the Israeli state.

I was more than happy to sweat it out in the sun and tired from work to show my support for a just and necessary cause. And the total lack of an organized counter-protest by any right-wing Zionist group was quite telling. As said up thread...Israel is isolated and even its most ardent spin masters are having a hard time digesting the absolutely stupid and chilling move that it made against a group of unarmed civilians.


It was nice to see you yesterday, Papal Bull. :)


Brilliant Michelle (and Naomi!) - thank you so much. You've just done a mitzvah.



Thanks!  Congratulate radiorahim too.  He did the filming. ;)

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going to down load it  now, as it  will take most of the night, thanks  Michelle Naomi, and radiorahim. and of course papal bull, it is wonderous how many are speaking out against now.

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wacthed it finally this am, just excellent words, and event...


for just "nuzzling" radiorahim, good job....

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Just happened to nuzzle my way up towards the sound truck at Dundas Square and happened to get to a reasonably good spot.

Klein is quite right that the only way forwards towards a peaceful solution to the Palestinian struggle is the BDS campaign.  I like how she took a not so subtle verbal shot at folks like Margaret Atwood.

Israel needs to be economically, politically and culturally isolated...just as South Africa was during the anti-apartheid struggle.

We need artists (and videos) like this one




Marching to Dundas Square at some point.

Please spread the word!


Join Emergency Rallies Across Canada!

Green Grouch

I couldn't go to the TO rally today. Any word on how any of the rallies went?


Lousy weather, but great demo anyway:


[url= protesters rally in Montreal[/url]


Cytizen H

Green Grouch wrote:

I couldn't go to the TO rally today. Any word on how any of the rallies went?

I was there for a while. Good turnout, messages stayed on point (except for the QuAIA speech, felt a little self indulgent) and the crowd had an amazing energy. Lots of Palestinian flags, free Gaza signs, end the blockad, end the occupation. A bunch of TUrkish flags too. Across the street were a couple dozen pro-Israeli supporters, they were using the classic shouts, "why don't you protest __________?" "Hamas is your enemy" "You support terrorists". There was a sign calling for the gov't to cut funding to Palestine House. A friend of mine who was with the Israeli crowd, wanting to show support for Israel, said he was disgusted by a lot of what he heard coming from some of the Zionists.