U of C Hosts Condoleezza Rice

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U of C Hosts Condoleezza Rice

Please ask the University of Calgary to rescind its invitation to Condoleezza Rice to be the keynote speaker at the opening gala of its new school of public policy: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/illegal-war-is-not-good-policy.


He he.

The petition might not be necessary.  Maybe her bail conditions won't allow her to leave the U.S.

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Petition signed.

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President Obama’s unwillingness to see his first term dominated by the crimes of the Bush administration is comprehensible.

Yet there is a limit. The latest case of the human moral vacuum created and encouraged during the Bush years is so outrageous, perverse, sadistic and nihilistic that it demands attention, for all that it tells us about the rest that has happened. I speak of the ordered, authorized and conscientiously supervised waterboarding of two prisoners 266 times.

The men who authorized, ordered and performed such acts should be hanged. It is as simple as that.

...or jailed, along with women such as Condoleezza Rice.

from 'When Fascism Came to America'

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I'm always too nervous to sign these online things?  :(


It's a tricky thing, what I think Obama is trying to do.  I believe Obama wants to see prosecutions in this matter, but I also believe Obama wants it done, as much as it can be, without the taint of partizan retribution.

Let's not forget that there were Republican members who vigorously persued impeachment of Clinton motivated in no small part out of a feeling of revenge for the impeachment attempt, and resulting resignation of Richard Nixon.

"But in these cases
We still have judgment here; that we but teach
Bloody instructions, which, being taught, return
To plague the inventor:"

To summon the Bard.

What Obama needs is a public ground swell of support for prosecution, for it to look like he was driven to it, and dragged unwilling to the sticking piont.

And, that's what's happening.


And, another thing.  While Sinclair Lewis might have been watching people like Huey Long, or Charles Lindeburg,  the real threat to the American Republic was actually coming from General MacCarthur, who wanted to use military force to remove the unemployed workers camped out around the White House, and who was making dangerous noises regarding justifications for a military coup against the New Deal and Roosevelt.  It's why MacCarthur was given a command an ocean away at the time.

Flipping back to classical history and the example of the Roman Republic, we are reminded of the disasterous effects of using the law courts for partizan political purposes.


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CBC last week showed a clip of Condi years ago saying the US would never authorize torture under any conditions. What a lying piece of work.


Well, Rice didn't authorize torture.  See, the United States doesn't torture anyone, therefore waterboarding isn't torture, it's enhanced interrogation techniques.

That will be the tautological argument made in the deffence of Rice.  Chenney, on the other hand, is asking for the release of more memos that he claims will show that the waterboarding resulted in life saving intelligence. 

In other words, the ends justifies the means. 

Neither deffense is something I'd want to represent in a court of law.

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What revolution, no courage to your convictions? ;)

I would sign a petition in the hope that it helps,  rather than promote dying in the streets in revolution.

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BTW, good petition Polly. Signed.

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The online petition ended up doing quite well (http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/illegal-war-is-not-good-policy) and I also collected about 100 signatures in hard copy. These were submitted to the president of the U of C who did not even offer a reply.

An issue that I think is worth raising is that a public intellectual affiliated with Rabble who criticizes U.S. policy with regards to Iraq and Afghanistan responded to my request the s/he sign the petition by saying that it was "up to the people at the university."

Any thoughts?

Frankly, I suspect that many academics are willing to criticize policies but back off when it comes to criticizing academic institutions...

But, I may be wrong.



Canadian academics are about as gutless, spineless and subservient a bunch as you'll find anywhere - as your 'public intellectual' so amply demonstrated. I note there were no condemnations re: the Rice visit from any of the national academic or student organizations. Very disturbing.


Condoleezza Rice, Charged With War Crimes at Rutgers


Condoleezza Rice on Saturday pulled out of giving the commencement address at Rutgers University after professor and student protests.

Dr Rice is a war criminal in international law..."

Alas it didn't stop her here, and all the national student and academic establishment (CAUT) kept silent. Good on you Rutgers!


Yeah those war criminals shouldn't get to prance around like regular people.  It's like Mengele being invited in for an academic discussion around health care.


Yeah, they all come to Canada because there's comparatively little problem here. Only George Galloway or Russians aren't welcome, Yanqui war-criminals no problem..