what can Canadian activists observationally learn about anger management & PR??

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what can Canadian activists observationally learn about anger management & PR??

apparently, if you weren't good at standardized testing for allegory & conceptual relationships between ideas, you can't figure out what a screaming, hate-filled, (allegedly) Mother-abusing Mel Gibson have in common with both cops & Black Bloc (whoever they might actually be) criminals.

"Mel Gibson is to bad PR what Black Bloc activists are to issues education to the General Public... "

If someone can't figure out what the relationship between public education & PR might be for activism & policy change motivation for the general public, best we leave it to those who can? Maybe I can help clarify the logic leap required?

Can Rabble writers itemize the ways in which the average positive, non-violent, non-destructive demonstrator's issues & messages were lost when the mainstream media & RCMP got their opportunity to spackle over police abuses & message with images of burning cop cars?

How about the false dichotomy between screaming about police abuses & coverups by the 'Thin Blue Line' & simultaneously providing bad PR by touting a hardline about protecting "Blac Bloc" violence & destruction with a 'Thin Blac Bloc Line'?

Sauce for the goose:  if you want cops to be accountable to society & Law, it sorta helps if you also want our own activists to be accountable to prevent some freak from bringing down a pummelling on a Grandmother Against Violence & Poverty from an over-excited & propagandized officer who thinks that we're all one massive indistinguishable mass of 'dangerous potential felons' in a 'mob-mentality pre-riot condition'


You almost have to feel as sorry for the demonstrators who got beaten as the pro-abuse dimwits who don't know how peaceful activists are demonstrating on their Family's behalf... the day they finally come up with a reason to demonstrate, they'll probably catch a baton upside the head, too...

yeah, & that goes for the poor, deluded KoolAid-swilling testosterone-junkie cops, who will get a shock the day they go on strike & find out that the OilBerta Party has hired Xi/Blackwater to union-bust...  

the points are:  

  • how can we *educate* the police & issues-ignorant General Public... before we have to catch another beating & lose all possibility of being taken as serious, ethical issues educators?  
  • & how can we overcome the knee-jerk response from folks to replace one 'Thin Blue Line' of tacit approval for bad behaviour with a vigilante 'Thin Blac Line' ?
  • we *are* about educating & creating policy change, right?  activism to prevent destruction & violence doesn't get very far by implementing vigilante tactics of destruction & violence... it simply rolls out bad PR & 'justifies' a beating from a better-funded, better trained & more media-connected paramilitary 

totalitarians states happen when Both Sides calcify into either self-destructive, pro-violence & paranoia, & the moderates collapse into paralysis of apathy & fear...