Labour History Missing from BC's School Curriculum

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Labour History Missing from BC's School Curriculum

Only 18% of Canadian workers are presently unionized. It would certainly help grow that number if Labour History was taught in our BC Schools. What are you waiting for Minister?

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In 1981 the percentage was over twice that.

Were there special "Labour History" courses back then, or is it possible that has little or nothing to do with it?

voice of the damned

I'd have no a priori objection to a "labour history" section in school curricculms, though I'm wondering if there really is a rationale for it, given that as far as I know, we don't have a "business history" section in most jurisdictions, so it's not like labour is being subjected to unfair exclusion.

Now, yes, when for example, students are taught about the building of the CPR, you could argue that that counts as "business history", though indirectly(the real focus is the government policy of getting the railway built). Maybe there could be a push to get workers' experiences included in the existing narrative?