No More Tolls on the Port Mann Bridge. Woo! Hoo!

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No More Tolls on the Port Mann Bridge. Woo! Hoo!

CBC must have forgotten to cover this NDP very good news story, eh!

Bridges go toll-free



Tolls came off the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges in the Lower Mainland this morning.

The tolling ended at midnight, living up to NDP Premier Horgan's promise to remove them.


B.C. NDP eliminating Golden Ears and Port Mann bridge tolls starting Sept. 1

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What makes a bridge toll regressive?  The fact that it's levied against the drivers who actually use that bridge, as opposed to being shared among all, so that those who walk, take transit or ride a bike can also pay "their fair share" of some driver's commute?

If toll bridges/roads/ferries are regressive then wouldn't gasoline taxes also be?  And for that matter, any other "automobile"-specific taxes?  Why should those who persist in wanting to drive their smogmobile be singled out for such an unjust penalty?