Cornwall School Principal Approves Racist Costumes

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Cornwall School Principal Approves Racist Costumes


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According to the school officials, KKK outfits are [url=]... a joke. [/url]


She said there was no doubt these were costumes of the hate-inciting group -- the white robes even had a KKK logo on the chest.

She spoke to the vice-principal who initially told her it was simply a Halloween costume.

"He said I shouldn't take it personally. It's a joke. It's not a joke. He said there are people dressed up like the Grim Reaper. How can you compare the Grim Reaper to racism?" she asked.

Ha ha. Side splitting.

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Oh Makwa, I was hoping to avoid the "racist Halloween costume" topic.

Well, now that you've started it:


Reasons I Hate Halloween by Zeynab
It's Halloween again here in the West, and I have to that I'm a grown up, Halloween sucks. Especially because of:

1. Slutty costumes (I just had to say it)
2. Slutty “ethnic” costumes: Native American girl, geisha, etc.


Just looking at the names of the costumes is informative enough: “Exotic Belly Dancer Costume” and “Sheik of Persia Arabian Costume” can tell you that these people have no idea about the culture they think they’re appropriating. (History lesson: Persia didn’t have sheikhs, they had shahs. And Persia and Arabia were two different places! AKH!)

Look at the women’s costumes: all are revealing and hypersexual. How many Middle Eastern women prance around in sheer pants and face veils? None. These costumes scream sexist Orientalism!

Don’t worry, guys! There are plenty of racist costumes for you, too! Take this “Arab Sheik” costume: of course he has a knife! All Middle Eastern men are dangerous, didn’t you know? You can even tell by his face: he’s pissed, and he’s going to take it out on some infidels!

From [url=]muslimahmediawatch blog[/url]

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These costumes are designed for the mating ritual called the Halloween party.

We had 50 kids by our house last night and they were a lot more timid. My daughters and friends dressed used glowsticks to dress like stick people. Corpse bride also was common.

Did anyone else see Little Mosque last night?