'OK to be white' signs appear in major cities across North America

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'We shouldn't be forced to move to certain areas of the classroom': U of M Indigenous students


Chance Paupanakis, national executive representative of Circle of First Nation Mé​tis and Inuit Students with the Canadian Federation of Students, said the "It's okay to be white" messages have prompted meetings with other student groups at the University of Winnipeg to talk about how to handle the issue.

"My fear is that this will turn into something much more violent," Paupanakis said. 

This isn't the first time university students in Manitoba have dealt with racist messages on campus. In December of 2016, stickers and posters promoting white supremacy started appearing at Brandon University. 

"I think that this was an intimidation tactic and it's working to a certain level, but it's also resulted in an even bigger push-back," he said.

Paupanakis, who is also the former co-president of the University of Manitoba Indigenous Students' Association, said the tension on campus was felt long before the posters went up last week.

"I've been dealing with this for three or four years," he said.

"I have students coming to me saying, 'I don't feel safe,' and they feel like their existence is being questioned."

Hurtin Albertan

I never made any jokes about white people, that was Paladin1.  I'll try and remember some white people jokes but I think you might not like my jokes very much.

You can't really control what other people say or do or how they act, but you have control over how you react.

"ALERT THE MEDIA!" is sometimes a good reaction to things, other things not so much.



Violent White Supremacists Trained By Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Militia - FBI (and vid)


"Neo-Nazi trainers."


Canada Trains Neo-Nazi Azov For NATO


More Neo-Nazi Trainers.


AZOV Nazi NATO Training Medallion 


Helping keep the 'free world' free.


My mistake Hurtin Albertan.

And of course, right on time. Let me guess, NDPP. Your mill doesn't have anything on the assaults, arrests and murders of Tartars since the Crimean annexation. Well, for the past century or so, actually. Unfortunately for your spin racism isn't exclusive to one side; it isn't just a foil for your politics. It is most unfortunate for those on the receiving end of it on both sides of that conflict, and everywhere else.


Thanks for the usual 'But Russia' contribution Smith. You'll no doubt be happy to hear NATO and their Azov friends are working on that and more. The point is that direct official Canadian support, arms and training  for vicious and violent Nazi Ukrainian paramilitaries is proceeding and nothing is being said or done about it here despite links now revealed to the white supremacist racist networks in North America.

Let us also not forget the JDL-Soldiers of Odin and their demonstrated links to anti-Indigenous groups like  Gary Mchale's CANACE in the list of likely candidates and culprits also in the OKTBW mix under discussion. No surprise to find some of the same people promulgating hate for 'PalestIndians' have linked to those promulating hate for Indigenous here. No surprise to find Canada nurturing this officially and unofficially either. 

  It's probably  been mentioned already that the very nature of a settler-state like ours is to produce exactly these sorts of ugly efflorescences, and until something is done about that beyond immaculate nomenclature, lipservice, prime ministerial apologies while finessing the termination and extinguishment genocide machinery and calling it 'reconciliation,'  it will be an uphill battle to eliminate white supremacy from a colonialist operation built and maintained upon just that. What goes around comes around again and again and always accompanied by the ghost of denial.


No surprise to find what goes around comes around and can even show up in Canada...

'Europe Will Be White': Polish Leaders Sanction Massive Far-Right March in Warsaw


"...Last year the march attracted 60,000 people, making it the largest far-right gathering in the world. The event included explicitly white supremacist symbols and banners with slogans such as 'White Europe' and 'Refugees get out!' The rally was cited in a European Parliament resolution that encouraged member states to crack down on far-right groups but the leadership of Poland seems to have other plans..."