2010 NB Election Results Threat

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Interim Liberal leader Victor Boudreau said when the Alward government cut funding to the Advisory Council on the Status of Women, it broke the law.

The opposition critic on women's issues said the government was silencing the province's only independent critic on women's issues.

Boudreau said it all comes down to an act from 1975.

"If you go look at article 9.2 it says very clearly that the minister must provide funding to this organization."


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Seriously.  The NB election was months ago.  Most of these last 30 posts or so could have been new threads in their own right.  And if people had thought the new messages were about something besides long stale election results, they might have resulted in the odd, I don`t know, conversation.


Cutting the advisory council on women was a disturbing move. Any idea what the "justification" was? I think I saw a CBC report that suggested it was settling old scores from a period of acrimony during one of the Lord governments. Anybody know anything more substantial?


Malcolm, I'm trying to avoid thread proliferation. NB topics don't get much traction. Maybe a mod can change the thread title to reflect it is general NB political topics.

Anonymouse, I only know the PC line that it had a choice of cutting this or front-line workers working with women who have been abused.


Start a new thread in which to occassionaly post. Give it a general name- something obvious like Current New Brunswick Politics.

This one will just drop out of sight, so it's not thread proliferation.

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I agree that thread proliferation (ie, multiple current threads on overlapping or even identical topics) is unhelpful.  But the NB election results discussion was over six months ago (last on topic post Oct 1).  Of the posts since then, there was enough diversity of subject matter for between two and four threads (one of which - NBNDP Leadership Race - eventually did migrate to a discrete thread).

The fact that NB is smaller than Ontario hardly justifies the suggestion that all NB politics discussions be gathered under one meandering thread.  It's not like three shorter threads are going to everwhelm the board or the moderators.