CBC: NDP facing fissures over Cardy's leadership

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Question one: That appears to be what you are saying since you have written it.

Question two: I'll let you answer your rhetorical questions.


Caissa wrote:

Neither of you have to take my word for it. Obviously those outside NB have a much better idea what is going on politically in NB than those of us who live here. Carry on.

I'm not all that much an outsider. And I was referring to the credibility of the comments that started with the opening post- the conclusions that were drawn from the story linked to, with a brief quote from Dominc Cardy.

And for that one, if anything, you have even less to go on than me. Not much in either of our cases. But I'm not trying to draw something out of what Cardy said. Must of what was read in here has almost no basis; and some of the attributions, because I know Dominic, I know to be flat out ridiculous.

So like I said- unless you want to give some quotes and explain more about what you were reading between the lines- I'm not ready to deferr to what you saw in why Dugay quit as Leader.

So far NB NDP Leaders are quitting primarily because its an impossibly tough slog. Primarily because its a full time job without anything even close to a full time salary. A cycle of futility which Cardy is determined to break. Whatever that is worth, we know why the last few Leaders have quit. If you think there is a different reason this time around, demonstrate it. Chapter and verse quotation and exigesis is not called for here.

The appeal against what people percieve Cardy is doing or plans to do is obvioulsy being sent out to Dippers beyond New Brunswick. So you can expect feedback of all kinds. Sympathetic agrreement doesnt get 'you dont live here' dismissal.


You have a PM, Ken.