Gerald Keddy watch - what will Harper pull to save him?

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Gerald Keddy watch - what will Harper pull to save him?

Gerald Keddy, who won by only 1000 votes over NDP MP candidate Gordon Earle in the October 2008 federal election, is under extreme threat in South Shore St. Margaret's which is almost certain to be liberated from Harper's anti-Atlantic-Accord man in any 2009 federal election.  NDP provincial candidates swept the South Shore, turning it entirely orange and removing his wife Judy Streatch from the NS legislature.  Loss of such strongholds as Lunenburg (held by the late Michael Baker) to NDPer Pam Birdsall suggests major changes in South Shore voting patterns.  Also, Vickie Conrad in Queens trounced PC Cary Morash by 2 to 1, a result literally no one expected.  The South Shore delivered, effectively, the NDP-NS majority.  The provincial Liberals, though they strengthened their vote across the province, ran third on the South Shore, suggesting there is not much organization federal Liberals could use to challenge a strong NDP candidate.

If the new NDP majority in Halifax follows up and starts to deliver the various promises that the PCs paid lip service to (rural bus service, car insurance reform to make shared cars and pooling more attractive, universal wired broadband, arts and cultural institution building, more support for volunteer fire departments, etc.) then Keddy cannot win.  So what will Harper and MacKay do to save him?

So far, they have questionably allocated money from the ACOA Innovative Communities fund (which is supposed to pay for things like broadband studies and pilot projects) to paint the Peggy's Cove lighthouse, and let Keddy stand up in the House to announce bogus "get tough on crime" legislation restricting conditional sentences and tying judges' hands and discretion.

What else will they pull?  This thread is to track it all, and hold Keddy to account at long last.