Monitoring driving routines - May be the tiwi really worth it?

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Monitoring driving routines - May be the tiwi really worth it?

Monitoring driving routines - May be the tiwi really worth it? The tiwi seems like the perfect solution for teen motorists. The on-board pc monitors predefined "dangerous" behaviors and notifies both the driver and also the parents of this activity. The tiwi is being marketed to parents of teens following at first being produced for fleet drivers. Is the pc really really worth the price and effort?

Article Source: Monitoring driving habits - Is the tiwi really worth it by Car Deal Expert

How tiwi functions

The tiwi unit is an on-board computer that connects to the diagnostic port on most cars. The pc analyzes seatbelt use, zealous acceleration and other "dangerous" driving behaviors. You will find also GPS coordinates about the unit to create a full picture of the driver's actions. After particular pre-set activities, the unit vocally reminds the driver from the mistake that was made, and sends a notification to some pre-set phone, e-mail or sms system.

The tiwi benefits

The tiwi can be helpful to all. It can help avoid accidents by teen drivers. Tracking the actions of a automobile is extremely useful as well. In all from the fleet-driving situations, managers and bosses can be capable to maintain an eye on the activity and behavior of their staff. In short, the tiwi assists one person keep track of an additional -- and offers reinforcement of good driving behavior.

Tiwi and its drawbacks

The tiwi program is, much like many other tracking systems, intended for very useful purposes. It raises questions of protection of privacy and safety, however. Simply because tiwi connects to cell-phone networks and the computer's diagnostic port, there is a possible for vulnerability to hacking. There is also a "big brother" part of each movement of the car becoming tracked. For employees driving company vehicles, this may not be as large of an issue - but for any 17- or 18-year-old driver, it could be. In the end, the tiwi may be useful, but it's worth carefully considering regardless of whether the $ 200 initial cost and $ 40 per month subscription charge is really worth it for loved ones.