NB NDP Leader Suggests Talks with Liberals

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I'm steadfastly not wading into the NB debate but it should be noted I think we're seeing major Layton/federal election spillover. 8 to 20 per cent in NL almost overnight, new numbers in NS today that show the NDP soaring in popularity into the 40's, the Liberals tanking, neither for any obvious reason I can think of, certainly not to the dramatic degree we've seen. So, no thoughts as to what the NB party is doing or not doing, but this is context worth noting in all three provinces...


Edited to add: No sooner do I say it when: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2011/06/08/ndp-gains-in-polls-across_n_8729...


There is obviously some truth to that. I also think that the massive NDP gains federally and becoming the official opposition could be very helpful to provincial NDPs in small provinces like NB and NL where the party now has zero or one seat and needs to establish itself as a player. Going up to 20% in those two provinces is good but its still well below what the NDP got federally in those provinces.

Nova Scotia is a bit of a different story. The NDP federal vote barely budged and stayed at about 31% - so going up to 42% provincially is more meaningful because its so much higher than the federal support level. Also, since the NDP is the incumbent government - i think people in NS are more likely to be responsing to what they think of the Dexter government as opposed to it being some sort of vague "halo-effect" from Layton-mania.