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The NDP candidate in The Straits-White Bay North has got a 14-point lead with roughly a third of the polls reporting - was this seat on anyone's radar screen as a possible NDP gain?

See-saw battle in Burin-Placentia West - the NDP was up by 10 votes but is now down by 10 votes.

Lorraine Michael has 70% of the vote in Signal Hill. The other St. John's seats are taking a long time to report.

The NDP has started to fall behind in Labrador West with just under half the polls in.

So far the Liberals are on course to win three seats - the same number they won last time (Cartwright-L'anse au Clair, Bay of Islands and Burgeo-La Poile). They could add a fourth in St. Barbe. The Liberals seem to be holding their own in rural Newfoundland but their vote on the Avalon peninsula has cratered. 

CBC just called a majority for the Tories (no surprise there), but it's shaping up to be a photo finish for Official Opposition.


The Liberals are ahead in Torgat Mountains as well. If the Liberals and NDP are tied in seats, the Liberals remain Official Opposition regardless of the popular vote. I seem to recall this situation occurred in Nova Scotia a few elections ago.


NDP and Liberals tied at 5. The NDP is leading in St. John's North, St. John's Centre and St. John's East but trailing everywhere else in metro St. John's. Christopher Mitchelmore is hanging in there in The Straits-White Bay North. Julie Mitchell is just 25 votes back of Clyde Jackman in Burin-Placentia West. The Liberal candidate is getting less than 5% of the vote there.

Jim Bennett of the Liberals has inched into the lead in St. Barbe, and the Liberals are now in front in Torngat Mountains. Kevin Aylward is well back in St. George's-Stephensville East and looks to have lost.

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Interesting result with Christopher Mitchelmore, I'd like to know more about him.

I expected more in Labrador West, but nevertheless a fantastic result for the NDP


Oddly enough, the Liberals are losing two of their incumbent seats - Port de Grave and The Straits-White Bay North. I don't think anyone expected them to actually take new seats from the Tories.

The popular vote gap between the Liberals and NDP is starting to narrow too - the Liberals are up to 19 percent and the NDP is down to 24 percent.


NDP now leading again in Burin—Placentia West.


Closing for length.


The NDP pulled ahead again in Burin-Placentia West and have edged up to 6 seats, one more than the Liberals. The NDP seems to be pulling away in St. John's North, but the leads in St. John's Centre and St. John's East are still very small. There's also a tight race in St. John's West that could go the NDP's way.


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