Nova Scotia Election Results

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Wilf Day

Fidel wrote:

Yes, Barbara Gallagher by a landslide: 6052 votes

Paula Lunn(Liberal): 1498

[url= election results(pdf)[/url]

Unfortunately, you will see the identical numbers for the previous riding as well. A glitch. Sorry.

They also show a Green coming a close second, Marilyn More failing to get re-elected, and god knows what else.


Gee that's bad.


Election footnote: 

Greens get 2% of vote

Actually, 2.3%

 The leader ran in the riding with by far the largest student population, and got 4%

the Greens have received about $307,000 in public funding since 2006, based on the number of votes it received in the previous election.

The party spent about $30,000 this time around, compared to about $10,000 in its first campaign in 2006. 

So, with as much total revenue as the NSNDP had in the mid-Nineties, in the 3 years since public funding started the NSGP has gone backwards slightly in the vote share. In fact, barely maintaining the 2% required to keep that $11,000 per month coming in.

And the little attention they got during the campaign was a hundred times more than they get the rest of the time. Yet they spent only $30K of all that money on the election?

Certainly wonder where the money does go.


I hate to do it to this awesome thread :) but...closing for length.  Please do continue in a new one. :)


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