Nova Scotia By-elections

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David Young
Nova Scotia By-elections

Voters in the Glace Bay and Yarmouth constituencies will go to the polls on June 22nd to replace their M.L.A.'s who quit provincial politics once the Expense Account scandal hit earlier this year.

Glace Bay was held by Liberal Dave Wilson, and Yarmouth was held by Conservative Richard Hurlburt.  Both had held their ridings since the 1999 election.

Early indications seem to show that the Liberals could pick up Yarmouth, but they could also lose Glace Bay to the NDP, who have 3-time candidate Myrtle Campbell running again.

Stay tuned!


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I would be surprised if the NDP comes close in either of these seats.

David Young

The Glace Bay candidate is Myrtle Campbell, who came in second in the last two elections:

           2006      2009

LIB      3327      3397

NDP     2234      2854

PC       2074       836

GR          88         73

This riding could go like the Antigonish by-election last fall.  The returning NDP candidate won after the sitting M.L.A. resigned.

Stay tuned.



The NDP supporters in CB should be aware of the NDP policy to abandon its supporters when the seat is won. The NDP have made its supporters the laughing stock of politics. Thanks Matt. You the Man.


...especially since there is a bit of a history in CB of people voting for the government party in by-elections because they think its the only way to get their roads paved.


The son of the former Liberal MLA in Glace Bay [url=]is running for the Atlantica Party in the riding[/url]. Another, independent candidate is a woman who was [url= the Liberal nomination[/url] when the party suddenly moved its nomination meeting forward by several weeks. Given the relatively close result last time and the possibility that the Liberal vote could now split three ways, it looks like the NDP may have a decent chance in Glace Bay.


Incumbents in the Glace Bay riding have won every election since 1970.  Since there is no incumbent there is a possiblity that the Liberals could lose this time. 

I live here and going by the number of signs on the lawn it's about 45% Liberal, 40% NDP, and 15% PC.  I've found that the Liberals under perform compared to the number of signs, the NDP is about the same, and the PC over perform. I'm guessing people don't like to admit they are Conservative, while Liberals are more likely to admit it.

The NDP is the most well known of all the candidates so it should be close. However, I think she is going to suffer a bit because the government has dropped in the polls lately and some people may use this as a protest vote against the NDP.

I think the Liberals will probaly hold on to this seat but there are three votes in my house going to the NDP compared to two last time!

David Young

Tuesday is the day!

The Liberals look to take Yarmouth away from the Conservatives, while Glace Bay will probably go NDP.

Stay tuned!


Liberals win both with big margins. Two smarmy-ass young Liberals (31 & 26)will take their seats, the most intolerable creature in Canadian politics. I know the type well - this will be hard to stomach. 

When an NDP government burns bridges with its base - students, women's organizations (and the depth of animosity building in that community is overwhelming), the arts community and so on, it makes it awfully tough to win seats. Hoping the narrative doesn't freeze on the present because it's not a good one right now...


what's the issue with women's organizations that makes them upset - or is it all a spin-off of the government not having any money to put into anything?


Not the latter.


Not by any means a crshing defeat.

This is what happens to incumbent governments. Though not in their first year.

Added to that sobering context: the NDP has always been strong in Glace Bay, the candidate was good, there is a tendency in Cape Breton to vote for governments [even the PCs that otherwise do poorly in Cape Breton County], and the Liberal MLA was severly disgraced. Couldnt have been better conditions, even with the tax increases and bad news budget.

I rather think that the government has taken its lumps and hit bottom from the spending scandals. But they did take a permanent hit to the NDP and Darell Dexters biggest strengths.

So now we can look forward to 3 years of being impeccable managers, so that they can make sure they get by their half-witted opponents in the next election.