NS NDP stalwart quits, denounces Dexter

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So what does anyone think might be different in Canada politically and economically today compared to the way things used to be, say, during Tommy Douglas' time in the sun? Or is it just as easy creating socialism in one Canadian province today as then?


[url=http://thechronicleherald.ca/Columnists/1168491.html]NDP gets its bell rung[/url]

Although things are still in flux, the Dexter government seems to have picked up many things where Rodney MacDonald left them. In that, the NDP is nearing a critical point where it risks damaging its own base, bogging down permanently into the same-old mould, and leaving Nova Scotians demoralized once again. [...]

For those following the NDP’s rise over time, the assumption was that after it nearly won in 1999, it was busily preparing to take power and would hit the ground running. Instead, it seems stiff, uncommunicative, and not up to speed.

Personally, for now I’m putting it down to rookie jitters. But I’ll be grumpy if it’s the same in six months.

What were they doing during the last 10 years? There was the period of constructive co-operation with John Hamm’s Tory government; then, as the election approached, the time of ducking Tory barbs (how silly Rodney MacDonald’s attempts to tar the NDP as dangerous socialists look now). In both cases, the project was to be as "conservative" as possible so as not to play into Tory propaganda and spook the public. They may have succeeded too well.

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