PE's Prov'l Nominee Program

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PE's Prov'l Nominee Program

The Guardian, which covers Prince Edward Island like the dew, reports:

"The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) offered Canadian visas to
immigrants who invested $200,000 on P.E.I., some of which went into an
Island company. It was established to encourage more immigration to the
But serious questions have been raised about how the program was run
after it was uncovered several MLAs and the former deputy minister in
charge of the program accessed PNP money."


"Immigrants who have come to P.E.I. through this program have also
complained of problems in accessing $25,000 good-faith deposits they
were charged in addition to their PNP investments. Some Chinese
immigrants were escorted by police off the premises of a government
building in October after staging a sit-in protest in an effort to get
their deposits returned."

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