69 year old man brings lawsuit to lower his age 20 years

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69 year old man brings lawsuit to lower his age 20 years

Evidently, the court is hearing it.  Perhaps Dutch courts don't have the authority to say "gimme a break".

Mark my words.  We will live long enough to witness the first attempt to be legally considered "trans-species".


At first I thought this was in the US. Obviously this guy doesn’t have a clue of how mathematics works. 

I see this guys point and I think I understand his frustration, but if this guy thinks he’s going to turn on a younger partner by simply changing a number, he’s an idiot!

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I doubt the court will rule in his favour.

On the off chance they do, I hope he's got a good, stable job; he won't be eligible to collect a pension until 2034.


From the link you posted apparently he’s a bit of a celebrity in the Netherlands. This is probably a publicity stunt he’s pulling.

This guy himself probably doesn’t even really believe that changing your age on a legal document is going to really change anything physically about yourself. 

Hurtin Albertan

Speaking of pensions, can I tack on another 10 years right now?  I could retire and spend more time posting here.

voice of the damned

You can change your name and your gender just by filing paperwork, but you can't do that with your sex, that being a physically endowed property. I'd say the same is true of age, since there is no way you can alter the day you were born.

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Thinking a great many people are taking the piss out of this fellow...