"Canada Day" or "Dominion Day"?

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Michelle wrote:

Isn't that closer to the way it is in the US, Sven?  You have more of a lottery or "wait in line" system than a points system, right?

Not really. My medical degree (from a U.S. school, mind you) and written job offer got me to the front of the line. They look at "needs" e.g. if they need more doctors, they'll let doctors in. If you have a firm job offer from an American employer, that gets you in too (at least on a work visa status, after which you can apply for landed immigrant / permanent resident status). It IS much tougher to actually get citizenship in teh states than in Canada, however. Requires living here quite a long time. Of course, I married an American citizen so could get it easily enough if I were so inclined.


neither for me july 1 will always be memorial day. the day that we remmber the valient and brave of the royal newfoundland regiment that went over the top. and the few that remained the next day

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Peace, order and good government!


Huzzah!  Huzzah!  Huzzah!

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This Canada Day I'm feeling less than proud, but somewhat prescient....


al-Qa'bong wrote:

Peace, order and good government!

Red Tory alert! You guys, there's a Red Tory in here! (And he's probably not the only one!)

[URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT-aEcPgkuA]Here's another:[/URL]

And you, to whom adversity has dealt the final blow
With smiling bastards lying to you everywhere you go
Turn to, and put out all your strength of arm and heart and brain
And like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again.

Rise again, rise again - though your heart it be broken
And life about to end
No matter what you've lost, be it a home, a love, a friend.
Like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again.



I think the mounties quietly retired that marketing contract with Disney a few years ago.


I'm not particular about Canada or Dominion, though Confederation would be historically accurate.

I don't agree with banjo about our history being bloodless. As a small example, I believe in the 20s about half of all kids who went into residential schools never came out (mostly from TB). There was a big public scandal about it back then too, and it was even discussed in Parliament, but of course nothing was done.

Not to gloss over violence and abuse, but there aren't too many of us who aren't connected to or haven't benefitted from the oppression in our history in some way. If fact it is still going on, and most of us contimue to benefit from it now.

Another example: I hate what Canada did to the people of the west, but I realize that if they had not pushed the railway through we probably be American right now. It doesn't justify the wrongs, but  I think it is important to see that history is very complicated, and not black and white at all.

Similarly, the past is the past, and we can't do anything to change it. What we can do is acknowledge the wrongs, do our best to fix what we can and go forward in the best way possible. Again, not trying to ignore the past at all, but it is a closed book, and we have no power to do anything but learn from it and change the world now.

Bottom line for me, I am glad I live in Canada and not in some other places, in particular the country to our south. And I think it is better to focus on what we can do to protect the good things here and change that which is wrong. To focus only on what is wrong with our country is to just be static, and accomplish nothing - something which only helps those who want that oppression to continue.

They don't own this country. We have just as much right to determine its future. But we have to acknowledge that we are part of it, because if we act like the power is all theirs we just hand it to them on a platter. I think that is something that even people who are distinct nations within Canada cannot afford to ignore.


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Happy Canada Day to all. Try to kick at the Tory darkness until it bleeds daylight, if you have any spare time.

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Wow, so the choices are:

a) Ashes and sackcloth (or self-flagellation), and

b) Wrapping myself in the flag and proclaiming "We're Number One" (or some variant thereof)


Hmmm, I choose c).



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I mostly ignore the day. Too jingoistic for me.


I actually pretty much slept through it (up late due to not feeling well)


@ bagkitty

I hear you. I just think it's important to be aware that we have a responsibility to make this country a better place and protect those things we have here that are good. Rejecting our our country and its history as a legacy of oppression does nothing at all, because that is just one side of the story.

I have been to a few countries where they do some things better, but as flawed as it is I can't think of any place I would choose to live other than here.

I can bet there are a few people looking from the outside in who see how fortunate we are. We have a lot of benefits and that means we have a lot of responsibility.

George Victor


"I have been to a few countries where they do some things better, but as flawed as it is I can't think of any place I would choose to live other than here."


Ditto...but only if Steve does not attain majority rule. It would be all downhill from that point.


Too true George. I can say that I am ashamed of Canada. Deeply ashamed.


We spent the morning doing the quintessential Canadian flea market experience followed by visiting the New Brunswick Museum. The highlight was a giant Caillou story which you could listen to in English, French or an Inuit language.


I can't think of a better place on this planet in which to live. Yes we have problems, but we have a long history of overcoming challenges. We can even overcome Dalton if we try hard enough. Dominion day, the Queen in the Capital, a family BBQ. For one day at least, all was right with the world.


Don't give a rats ass, and not feeling especially proudly Canadian.  A day off work to sleep and tend ones garden is always welcome and theraputic.

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Gardened and went shopping, where I noted they had a Canada Day cake, but I never had any. Last Canada Day I participated in happened quite by accident.

We had gone to Jasper to use the bank machine, and a parade broke out, which kept us locked into our parking place for 2 hrs. So we had a Sushi lunch and watched the parade and elk strolling through it. This was back in the 90's.


Oh no, I forgot have spent a couple of  them with friends on the Island since. But really just an excuse to all get together and no real "Day" appreciation.


Oh and bye bye, Tinaman.......

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He's gone again, the poor lad.


Geez, must be climate change; the life expectancy of trolls sems to be decreasing.



We had gone to Jasper to use the bank machine, and a parade broke out


Geez, they must really like their banks in Alburda.


I was trying to find some TV news on hockey signings yesterday, and so was flipping through the sports channels, when I caught a glimpse of the Canadian Olympic hockey teams being escorted by hordes of soldiers. Then during the Riders game there were repeated references to our troops, including Glen Suitor (who took the snap for Ridgeway's Cup-winning field goal in '89, so may be somewhat excused) saying the soldiers are fighting for our way of life" - barf. I suppose Stevie-boy Harper thinks this militarisation of our society makes us more like yanquis, which he'd think is great. It's downright treasonous, if'n ya ask me.

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Caissa wrote:

Geez, must be climate change; the life expectancy of trolls sems to be decreasing.

But the zombie-like propensity for reanimation is worrisome, isn't it?

....particularly since the traditional zombie solution won't work here, as they lack a brain to destroy.


Or a heart to drive a stake through.

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The new Canadian military/navy recruitment ads on Discovery actually state, over top of a picture of the far north glacier riddens seas, " a place of victory".


Just what "victory" would that be?

Star Spangled C...

Would it have something to do with Arctic sovereignty?

George Victor

Only for the environmentally challenged.


Tinman4800 wrote:

... the Queen in the Capital ...

Don't get me started on that.

I think we ought to give the "Bitch of Babylon" (ie., Crown of England) the boot.


Frmrsldr wrote:

I think we ought to give the "Bitch of Babylon" (ie., Crown of England) the boot.

Actually I'm not in favour of that for a few reasons. Main one being that a lot of the people pushing for that (and an elected senate) don't realize that you can't just turn a British parliamentary system into an American one (think about two elected houses with full power to delay and quash legislation; nothing would get done). Harper wasn't even able to obey his own law about fixed election dates (nor should he, because our system doesn't work that way).

I'm in favour of reforms to the system, but frankly  would put my energy behind proportional representation first. The monarchy may seem like an anachronism (though it has proven significant on occasion even in recent history) but it is largely a benign one.

....besides the thought of Stephen Harper being Head of State too is just too much to bear.


6079_Smith_W wrote:

Frmrsldr wrote:

I think we ought to give the "Bitch of Babylon" (ie., Crown of England) the boot.


....besides the thought of Stephen Harper being Head of State too is just too much to bear.

The powers of the crown and the Governor General can either be distributed to the appropriate authorities such as (yes) the Prime Minister or PMO, the Speaker of the House, the Supreme Court, Supreme Court Justice or Attorney General, etc. Or we can have an elected President in addition to a Prime Minister. We can also use the Republic of Ireland as our model.

Making Stephen Harper Head of State will have the advantage of holding him responsible for all the mistakes and all the things the government does wrong and could force him out of office sooner than in the current system.

I also agree with the need for P.R.

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And I also agree with the pressing priority being PR.

The Queen is a relatively harmless anachronism. 


Actually Frmrsldr, I do see your points. I do however disagree with combining head of government (which is politically partisan) and the head of state.

I think the structure in the U.S. where the president holds both positions is confusing, because there is no office which stands for the nation itself, free of partisan interest. Inevitably you wind up with people who are forced to respect the office, but disagree (and sometimes hate) the person who holds it.



Doesn't a National Holiday Presuppose an Independent Nation?


"Canada is not a representative democracy in any honest sense of the word. How could it be when the head of government acts like an autocrat and refuses to abide by Parliamentary directives...?"