Hallowe'en Costumes for the KKK

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Hallowe'en Costumes for the KKK

No white hoods allowed:


The Worst Sexy Halloween Costumes: "Sexy Fat Arab" Edition




OK, it's not just racist, but sexist, sizeist (is that a word?), and tastless.


What will YOU be wearing this All Hallows' Eve?



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Wow. That one's even worse than this:




...I think.


But wait...[url=http://www.oddee.com/item_96850.aspx]there's no end to the tastelessness![/url]


M. Spector wrote:

Wow. That one's even worse than this: 


I disagree; your example is perverse, yet the sentiment that would have people wear such an atrocity is popular.

I wanted to post a comic ( An image of the Abu Ghraib photo copied by this costume, with a the caption: "You like me, you really like me") that was posted the day after George Bush Jr.'s second presidential election win on the "Get Your War On" website.  Unfortunately, access to the website is now apparently "forbidden."


Oh dear. The retired Hooters waitress costume. Surprised

I hope we'll be spared last year's plethora of Sarah Palins.


Let's not forget this: