Taking a short break... have a lot going on here

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Taking a short break... have a lot going on here


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I have to take a break from posting for a while - I'm involved in three forums and with the renovations that started here a couple of weeks ago, it's just getting to the point where I can't keep up with everything on babble - and the NDP leadership threads are especially draining; four more months of that stuff will reduce me to a brain dead zombie!

Why did I wait until November to get started on renovations? Because I hired a carpenter who incidentally refuses to work outdoors in blackfly season - which runs here from April to the start of November.  As most of you know, I live on the Lower North Shore of Quebec, where we have two seasons: Blackfly and Winter.  Frown

I'll check in very late in the day if I'm not too tired, but it's cold outside, and I have really bad arthritis - all I want to do at night is get a fire going, watch the news, play a few scrabble games on Facebook, and read the two forums that aren't nearly as busy as this one.  Babble is still too close to my heart to stay away for long.  Smile


Good luck with your renovation, and here a tip for transporting your material:




If you're doing a metal roof, BB, don't forget to use some rubberized rolled roofing on the deck. Owens Corning or the other brands are all good. Metal rooting screws or roofing nails in general will be sealed by that material, and you should end up with a very low maintenance roof for years to come. 

Oh yeah, and step flashing. Do it right. I learned the hard way.

Cheers, Boom Boom.


At least, keep reading... I'll be waving at you! You must know you're loved here, Boom Boom, so good luck with the renos and hurry back where you belong.

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Boom Boom wrote:

the NDP leadership threads are especially draining; four more months of that stuff will reduce me to a brain dead zombie!

I'm sure you wouldn't be the only one.


And that's not counting the ones who'd need to start out in that condition just to lurk there.

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Worked outside this morning while temps were at -13C but with the windchill it felt colder. We're doing the siding on the garage - and repairs here and there. Then we're rebuilding the woodshed which looks a bit decrepit after 50 years or so of no protection from the elements other than a metal roof. Had to take up an old patio and do some landscaping at the back of the property - looks almost decent now, but can't do more now because the ground is frozen after a week of cold temps. Can't be doing my arthritis any good.


Fidel, many of the homes here have metal roofs, and I think it's because most homes heat with firewood - metal roofs are the only kind that effectively resist any sparks or embers which escape from the chimney. Cleaning the chimney is an essential yearly job here.


Yes, metal is a good choice in that case. I know I can't have a woodstove in my garage here for that reason, the sparks. And creosote is bad for fires. My brother buys his wood in early spring so that it's dry as possible by this time of year.I'm always saving newspapers for him to roll up and use to light his fires. They have no natural gas where he is, so they use mostly wood and-or oil furnaces. Asphalt shingles on his roof, though. His neighbors are about 80 feet or so either side of him, and one of them has a steep metal roof. 

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I just found out yesterday that a nice retirement home is going up in Natashquan (birthplace of Quebec folk singer Gilles Vigneault), 44 km west of here (Kegaska). It sounds tempting to me, because once I have my mortgage paid off in five years, I probably by then will need some kind of assisted living arrangement - last night the power went off, and I almost gave myself a heart attack trying to start a frozen generator. Finally had to bring the bloody thing into the house to thaw out; luckily I have enough basement space for the thing. Once it thawed out, the power came on.

Once the renovations are done, I can relax a bit. In the spring I'll be painting the woodshed and other things around the house. In October 2012 I'm going to rebuild the inside of the garage - insulate it, line and floor it with 4 x 8 plywood, and put in an industrial electric heater - the insurance company doesn't want me to put a wood stove inside the structure; if I do, my rates will go up quite a bit. I would only need the place for short durations anyway, when I'm doing woodwork jobs, or to thaw out my skidoo in the winter.

Now, back to renovations.


The mob is realy trying to hide you away, Boom Boom.

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They keep me on a short leash. Innocent

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Both my hands are effectively crippled because of arthritis, and my appointment with the bone specialist has been moved to January because the airline is booked solid until the end of this year. I'm in too much pain to do anything but type on my keyboard. Regardless, I saw the physician this morning, got the cortisone shots.