what is this obsession with BBQ every summer?

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what is this obsession with BBQ every summer?

I live in a small remote community just below Labrador, but even here my neighbours dutifully fire up their barbeques every summer, with the smell of scorched meat clearly discernible to all.

Phantom Gourmet just ran a "Summer Beach Barbeque Party" on their show, and the Food Network's very popular "Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives" is mostly about BBQ places all over America.

I haven't BBQ'ed since about 1985, because I felt that this type of food simply isn't good for you - especially anything that's been blackened - surely that has to be carcinogenic?

There's BBQ cooking contests on these shows that are clearly obsessive and with a huge emphasis on meat - very few veggies or fruits make an appearance.

So, what gives?

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I don't know, we BBQ all year round, and do not just wait for summer. And a lot of veggies too, I love BBQ'd peppers for example.

The Bish

I'm a vegetarian now, so I don't really do BBQs, but if you do eat meat, it's the best tasting way to cook it.  Also, it's a good excuse to get a bunch of people over to spend time outdoors together, which a lot of people wouldn't otherwise do.  A BBQ isn't just about the food; it's also "Hey friends, come spend some time in my yard with me!"

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Yes, the 'social phenomenon' aspect of BBQ is clear. I guess I overlooked that when I started the thread.

Bookish Agrarian

BBQ tomatoes, asparagus, pepper, eggplant or corn yum! 


It ain't always about swallowing meat - oh wait that's a different thread.


Its easier to BBQ than turn the stove on in a hot day. It also takes less energy I would think. My BBQ is hooked up to the natural gaz so I dont have tanks to worry about. 

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BBQ's tofu is wonderful stuff! ;)


Besides, try to get a steak like this in your neighbourhood restaurant:





Papal Bull

Ha ha, I had a BBQ party last night. It was full of all things good.

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abnormal wrote:

Besides, try to get a steak like this in your neighbourhood restaurant:








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I barbecue all summer, keeps my kitchen from heating up.  This summer it's all veg no meat unless someone requests otherwise.  No pots and pans means way fewer dishes and the dogs love the eating outside thing.

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That part that's hanging out there, off the grill, is probably going to be a bit rare for some folk, but it's where the taste is.

I'm partial to some grilled asparagus, or kebabs made with grape tomatoes, creminis, some vidalia onion, and maybe some courgette. It's all good.


We just hosted a 50 person BBQ on the weekend. Lots of great food, but the biggest hits on the veggie side were the bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeno peppers, the blackened asparagus served with lemon and sea salt, and the cherry tomatoes with a garlic sliver insert served with fresh crushed rosemary and black pepper.

The sliders went over well and and the pomengranate juice marinade for the steaks ended up being emailed out as a recipe.

I love my grill. Charcoal all the way.


my favorite on the bbq is grilled portobello mushrooms with a balsamic reduction.   pop out the stems, lightly oil (olive) the cap.  reduce balsamic vinegar until it caramelizes (this makes it sweet) and baste it onto the gill side and drizzle some more olive oil.  grill them gill side up and the oil and balsamic mixes with the mushrooms own juices.  mmm....