When is a kiss not just a kiss

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When is a kiss not just a kiss



Obviously at Chico's' El Paso restaurant in Texas, that's where.


Chico's Needs a Change







Albuquerque gets Gap Corporate, El Paso gets Chico's Tacos




Question; Are there Chico's in Canada? 




The progressive state of Texas.


Calls for investigation into police after El Paso restaurant ejects two men for kissing


Under El Paso by-laws, it is illegal for restaurants to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, the ACLU says.

But, instead of enforcing the by-law, police allegedly threatened the restaurant patrons with a citation for "homosexual activity."

According to the local Fox affiliate, police cited "a Texas law banning homosexual activity," but "the law, however, has been struck down by the Supreme Court and is not enforced."

"Police reportedly told the men that same-sex kissing was forbidden in public," the ACLU stated.





God, there's a gay kissing epidemic going on the USA. 2nd time this week. How sacrilegious.Smile


Gay couple detained near Mormon plaza after kiss


Associated Press -- A gay couple say they were detained by security guards on a plaza owned by the Mormon church and later cited by police, claiming it stemmed from a kiss on the cheek.




I wonder if they also kick out people who drink coffee on the plaza.