50% of Canadians now prefer Coalition over Tories

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50% of Canadians now prefer Coalition over Tories
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Of course. And therein lies the danger of politics by polling. There was a lot of doom and gloom naysayers going on about how the polling indicating a tory rise in popularity, which happened around the time that the coalition idea first came into existance, proved, that people did not like the coalition, and that it was a bad idea "politically" speaking. It proved nothing of the sort.

Even, if people were wary of the idea 2 months ago, the fact is that people really just needed time to get used to and to understand the idea. It is possible to lead, not simply to follow polls.

This idea of leadership seems lost on most of our political class these days.

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I heard one of the cpc's anti-coalition ads.

 It told me to "call my MP and tell them to pass the budget"

 I resent that! 

What reasonable person is going to tell them to "pass the budget" when we haven't seen it, and the only clue we have is Harper's disastrous 'economic statement'.

Harper has no clue what democracy is about!


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Yes, we've seen no details of the budget, but we have recieved a few ominous clues. For example, we're told that any auto sector assistance is going to be dependant upon auto workers accepting concessions on their wages and benefits. Harper and Flaherty still haven't got the message. We want you to address the economic crisis (yah, the one you told us we didn't have in this country because our economic fundamentals were so goo) without getting into Conservative dogma like - unions are all evil and auto workers are overpaid lazy slobs.

Bring on the coalition!

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Here's the only concession I want to see out of the auto workers: Higher taxes on the rich. Starting with them, the merely well-off.

If they can accept that, without their usual reactionary reflex (electing neo-fascists promising tax cuts, as has happened time and time again in Oakville and Oshawa), I won't begrudge them a thing.