Abortion demands already from suppressed religious Cons.

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Lord Palmerston

Stockholm wrote:

Any way you slice it - it was actually a very small crowd - there are routinely far bigger demonstrations on Parliament Hill by labour groups etc...not only that but about 80% of the people at the anti-abortion rally were students from Catholic schools who were herded onto to chartered buses and got a day off from school - if you take them out of the equaltion - the attendance would have barely toppe 1,000

But we can't consider ending funding for Catholic schools in Ontario, oh horror of horrors.

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Well, it's almost gardening time here - about three more weeks to go before the ground is warm enough to work it. Then I'll be outside until October looking after everything, and politics can wait. But I do encourage anyone with time to get involved in the political process and organise, and oppose all and any infringements on our civil and social advancements - because the neocons will be busy trying to change everything they possibly can. I think until the next federal election (2015) there will be a hell of a lot of challenges for people to address arising from movement and organising from the other side.  

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Look, all I mean is we need to just stay focused. We know what the threats, but we have to carefully go about framing all these issues. If we come out from the start and don't make reasoned, precise arguments, we won't win anyone over.

As I said, lets stay vigilant, work hard, but not lose sight of the prize.

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I think the prize is social justice.  What is your prize?

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@Northern Shoveller:

Obviously, I agree, and we do that by winning the argument and electing a left wing New Dem government. I don't why you would even ask me the question. I would assume we all want that.

Sorry, its a no-brainer.

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I guess because it seems like you were confusing the means with the ends.  The means, hopefully, is electing an NDP government but that is certainly not the prize.


remind wrote:

If this past election should have taught anyone anything, it is that to speak in absolutes about the right and the elite winning is to make a fool of ones self.

People for the most part will call a halt to the sociopathic madness of those who think they have a right to it all, there is always the final straw....

Condoning slavery and ennacting it as law, is not going to be high on any person's list.

If past history has taught anyone anything, it is speaking in absolutes in regard to the protection offered by Section 7 of the Charter and in regard to the lack of abortion law in Canada.

The 1988 Morgantaler decision based on the did nothing to prevent a renewed attempt at abortion law in Canada. The reference to the 'rights of the person' in the decision was on procedural grounds only. In fact, the Court agreed that the state had a legitimate interest in protecting the fetus


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