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academic persecution

Further to Apr-May thread .

We invited four international experts, one retired, to those hearings. Shortly after their testimony, they all had their offices removed from them, at Karolinska Institute (Sweden), U. of Athens (Greece), Bordeaux2 U. (France).

Quite the coincidence, eh? The retired one, from Imperial College London (England), had his taken away as well as students some time before retirement for refusing to research GM. He said if they wanted to prevent his research into the dangers of wireless, it backfired.

The younger banished Greek biophysicist scholar appears to be the most vulnerable. The Swedish eminence has international supporters already writing letters to higher-ups at Karolinska. The French epidemiologist has a long history, with collaegues, of suffering severe persecution for telling it like it is.

Since this involved foreign academics offering to contribute to Canadian public health, at Parliamentary invitation no less, I thought it fitting to try the following, which is amassing signatories, and has already elicited approval from the persecuted as well as prompt journalistic interest.

We'll see where it goes. Where is the NDP? The combined issues of the dangers of wireless and the twisting of science are as grave as it gets for public policy. Read three imporant recent books to get a sense of what has come to pass: Science in the Private Interest: Has the Lure of Profits Corrupted Biomedical Research? ('03, Sheldon Krimsky, referred to in) Doubt is Their Product How Industry's Assault on Science Threatens Your Health ('08, by David Michaels) and Bending Science: How Special Interests Corrupt Public Health Research ('09, Thomas O. McGarity & Wendy E. Wagner).

Although none addresses the electromagnetic travesty, catastrophe in the making, add up all their references to tobacco, lead, asbestos, beryllium, & on & on & on, the scale and comprehensiveness of what these scholars were speaking to, adding to the already 1000s of unrebutted papers for decades, quashed from public notice; this travesty is surpassingly grave.



Dear Ambassador Nikolaos Matsis,
Consuls General Dimitris Azemopoulos and Maria Karnoutsou,
and to whomever else it may concern among representatives of Greece in Canada,

On April 27 and 29, 2010, the Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on Health (HESA) heard important testimony on a most serious topic, of interest not only to Canadians. Committee Members, being Members of Parliament (MPs) from all seated parties in the House of Commons, were addressed not only by Canadians, but as well by international researchers into the impact on public health of exposure to microwave radiation, such as is involved in cell telephony and associated wireless communications.

In preparation for the HESA hearings, it was noticed that very important recent topical research had been conducted by a scholar at the University of Athens. Along with three other European colleagues, Dr. Dimitris Panagopoulos graciously accepted the HESA invitation to testify before and submit documentation to this Parliamentary Committee.

Biophysicist Dr. Panagopoulos' contribution at his appearance by teleconference April 29 was, in line with his work, outstanding in its clarity and competence. Committee MPs should be expected to pay close attention to his submission in particular, as they decide on a course of action protective of public health to recommend to the Canadian government.

What moves me to write you is unfortunately not only desire to praise a citizen of Greece making a vital international contribution, but to appeal to you to intervene favourably on his behalf. To the great dismay of the very many people internationally who are working selflessly, to improve public health by urging governmental reconsideration of current obsolete national standards of permissible exposure to microwave radiation; to all our great dismay, it appears that witnesses, including Dr. Panagopoulos, have suffered academic persecution at least in part for having rendered great public service by testifying on this high public record in Canada.

Shortly after those meetings in April, three international witnesses before HESA urging revision of microwave standards based on their scholarly work, Dr. Panagopoulos, as well as Dr. Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, and Dr. Annie Sasco of Bordeaux University in France; all three have had their offices removed from them! The fourth international witness, Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy of Imperial College London, England, could not have his office removed, being recently retired, but he has attested to having suffered similarly prior to retirement.

HESA MPs have been notified of these examples of apparent outrageous persecution, an apparently concerted attack on academic freedom and competence. It would be a sorry situation indeed, where praise for an international contribution emanating from Greek scholarship, would be attenuated by outrage that the contributor be subsequently precluded from continuing his vital work.

Already letters in support of the embattled Dr. Johansson have been addressed to the appropriate parties at the Karolinska Institute, easily generated for his having been an influential eminence in the field for many years. We fear that his younger colleague in your country is very vulnerable for various reasons. This is why in distress I address myself first to your country's representatives in my own, Canada, where his recent important contribution was made, with apparent dire and completely untoward consequence. Surely representatives of Greece in Canada would strive to forestall a situation where Canadian MPs themselves intervene to address this issue directly, as it may have been generated by their own invitation in good faith to a citizen of your country.

Will you do the great service of enquiring further into this situation at the University of Athens? Will you express the great dismay felt here, and the desire to avoid further internationally embarrassing repercussion? Will you intervene to restore our confidence that an institution such as the University of Athens not be a venue where inappropriate influences on academic independence are had, but rather continue to provide scholarship of world importance, such as drew the HESA Committee to invite Dimitris Panagopoulos?

Thank you very much for your urgent attention to this affair, which has already drawn the attention of Canadian journalists and politicians.

Dr. Panagopoulos' email address is [...]. The HESA proceedings including his own oral contribution, of which you should be proud, can be heard or read via ,
Meeting 13. Academic papers by him were also submitted to the Clerk of the Committee, significant reference to which one should expect to be found in an upcoming draft report to come before the Committee. Thus a citizen of Greece might have rendered great public service protective of public health in Canada, as a result of which he faces persecution at home.



with immediate support from [...]
many more names forthcoming



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And here we were told that it was going to be the trade unionists that would have academics up against the wall when the revolution came....guess the capitalists are coming for them, at least the good ones, long before any revolution by the masses for equity happens.



Academics played a strong role in supporting the CCF in the early days.


Interesting that you two are moved to make maybe semi-defensive comments about the left and academics. One way to explain the inability for a political left to take in the US, is that the US is largely anti-intellectual. In Canada it cannot take more fully because Canada is non-intellectual. In the US the intellectual world is actively subverted, it can matter enough to want to twist them, to "come for them". On the electromagnetic tragedy in the making, due to this twisting and perversion of science and public policy, see the recently published book available online by Maisch, . I'd say similarly for both countries re Greens. Greens cannot be true to roots here and be successful because too much deep thought is involved. And in the US, for lack of a viable political left, Greens serve as a catchbasin for some causes. But the Us and Canada as we know them are eroding, and the NDP and the Greens should have a place in the aftermath mroe than they do now, if it all holds enough together.