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Action Party Merger

All this talk about merging with the liberals and greens and the Bank of Canada reminds me of how close the NDP and the Action Party came to merging. Do you think the Action Party leadership is now kicking itself for not merging with the NDP when it had the chance , refusing over the then NDP's name?

Do you think the Action Party would still be interested in a merger? Would the NDP?

What do you think the merged party would look like? Would Paul Hellyer be running to lead it and become the leader of the official opposition?

To think we missed out on Mulcair vs. Paul Hellyer.


Oops double posted. Fun fact, the Action Party actually merged with a party called the Canada Party.


I thought that the NDP voted down the merger proposal, not the Action Party.


I think the only "merger" offered by Layton was an invitation to join the NDP. So given the numbers CAP could muster at its peak, I think a "merged" party would be indistinguishable from today's NDP.

Still, I like the fact of minor parties, and I hope electoral reform can one day reward their loyalists with some token of encouragement.


I liked the Action Parties' position on the Bank of Canada, but the space alien shit is alittle odd. Not judging though.

Still there was several extensions for the merger with the NDP, but it fell apart over a name change.

I do believe it lead to the NDP partially adapting in one of thier platforms one one of the Action parties ideas, but my memory may be falty here.