Actual poll thread Sept 15 2010

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NorthReport wrote:

TB who appointed you God?

Last I heard, you are a just a poster here like the rest of us. If you don't like what I post, just ignore it, as I do most of the time when you post. Jeesh! Laughing

Thats evident because you contibute nothing here.*

*ETA some decent links in the last day. Thank you for trying.


Yes, thorin, honestly.  Everyone contributes in their own way, and I turn a blind eye to a lot of the carrying-on here that bothers me.  Why must you be so harsh.  It's not the way to build a movement.


...and with that, there is a succesor thread....

Sean in Ottawa

Wow -- North Report contributes lots of good stuff here-- I have challenged some over the top stuff but still a rough and undeserved condemnation of a lot of great effort here over a long time.

Go after the argument but not the person's whole contribution.. you know?

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thorin, don't post to threads if you find them ridiculous. But don't insult posters if you do. All babblers who contribute, post and read threads are welcome to do so, even on subjects that take directions you don't like.

Closing, long thread.


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