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C-300mining bill

I was wondering,doesanyone know what the status of this bill is ?


The committee hearing was still going last week -- was there something supposed to happen?

 But honest to god, what a peach is this McKay:



"There would be so many frivolous complaints, there would be so much loss of reputation by companies, and there would be so much cost to companies to defend themselves over what are often trivial misunderstandings," said Jon Baird, president of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC).

Mr. McKay's argument is that mining companies that are doing a good job have absolutely nothing to worry about from C-300, as frivolous complaints would be quickly rejected.

"What I've been saying to them is, 'Look, you can have these demonstrations, you can have these allegations in newspapers and documentaries, or you can bring it to a resolution with a Minister mandated to conduct an investigation and make a finding,' " he said. "Their preferable state seems to be to fight it out in the press and engage lawyers and public relations people, while doing happy little magazines of happy little folks singing Kumbaya at the mine site."



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A week old, but still has some useful details: [url=http://www.miningwatch.ca/en/mining-day-hill-what-you-should-know-about-... on "Mining Day" Canada[/url]

Updates are posted regularly at miningwatch.ca

[url=http://www.johnmckaymp.on.ca/newslist.asp?category=1014]John McKay's C-300 links and updates[/url]

[url=http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/article/731559--mining-companies-deny... Mining companies deny abuses at parliamentary committee hearings[/url] (and check out the linked items like the pdf of Canadaian mining company activisiteis overseas)

[url=http://halifaxinitiative.info/content/presentation-SCFAID-bill-c-300]Hal... Iniaitive's brief to the parliamentary committee[/url]

This is maybe one of the few issues worth writing your MP on, whether stifften their backbone to resist the mining lobby's collosally arrogant and self-serving counter-attack (in case of Liberals and maybe even Bloc/NDP members) or to convince a Conservative MP to vote in support. One Conservative, Michael Chong, supported the bill last reading, so they may not all be lost causes/trained seals.

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People registered to lobby the federal government on Bill C-300, The Corporate Accountability of Mining, Oil and Gas Corporations in Developing Countries Act:

• Catherine Fraser, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, for Kinross Gold Corporation, Gold corp Inc. and Barrick Gold Corporation

• Claudia Feldkamp, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, for Kinross Gold Corporation

• Michael Bourassa, Fasken Marineau Dumoulin LLP, for Barrick Gold Corporation, Gold corp Inc., and Kinross Gold Corporation

• Susan Murdock, in-house for MiningWatch Canada

• Aaron Regent, in-house for Barrick Gold Corporation

• Charles Todd, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, for Kinross Gold Corporation and Goldcorp Inc.

• David F. Denison, in-house for Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

• Donald Peters, in-house for Mennonite Central Committee Canada

• Gord McIntosh, Ketchum Inc., for Metallica Resources Inc.

• Perrin Beatty, in-house for Canadian Chamber of Commerce

[url=http://www.hilltimes.com/page/view/lobbying-11-30-2009]Mining industry fights C-300: Hill Times[/url]

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The night of November 27th, Mariano Abarca Roblero, an activist against mining in Chicomuselo, Chiapas, was murdered. Mr. Abarca was an important member of the community who had suffered threats, prison and violence due to his opposition to the mining activities of Calgary-based Blackfire Exploration. At 10 am EST on Thursday December 3, four busloads of community members from Chiapas will arrive at the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City to protest the murder of the local activist. The 130 people will travel more than 1000 km overnight from Chiapas to protest the Canadian government's failure to regulate the international operations Canadian-based mining companies. The protest is being endorsed by the Council of Canadians and MiningWatch.

[url=http://www.miningwatch.ca/en/mexican-activist-murdered-opposing-canadian... Watch news release[/url]


While the bill isn't officially dead, it will be.
Private members bills are pretty easy to kill by the ruling party, and even if the Conservatives allowed a vote on it, many Liberals are against this, because people like Peter Munk have far too much power.

Instead the Conservatives have appointed Marketa Evans (hired by Peter Munk to be Director of the Munk Centre) to be the watchdog for corporate social responsibility (for groups like Barrick Gold - led by Peter Munk). Geez, wonder where her loyalties are?

Some of the highlights include:

She reports directly to well known human-rights activist and ecological guru Stockwell Day.
She has no official powers.
She isn't allowed to investigate unless all parties involved agree to the investigation.

This is the Conservatives compromise. That's how we do things in Canada, folks.
We are quickly becoming an international embarassment when it comes to animal rights, the environment, human rights - and whatever else you want to name.


Governor-General sheds crocodile tears over murder of Roblero while [url=refusing">http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20091209/mine_killin... to see his family and supporters[/url]:

Family and supporters of Abarca Roblero had requested a meeting with the Governor General, but Minister of State of Foreign Affairs Peter Kent, who was also on the state visit, said it was impossible to schedule.

Meanwhile, [url=this">http://www.cbc.ca/world/story/2009/12/09/jean-condemns-mexican-activist-... CBC report[/url] hints that she is already involved in covering up any possible involvement by the mine in the assassination:

Michaëlle Jean said the killing was deplorable and inexcusable and that she and the mining firm would be following the situation closely with the hope justice would be served.

[emphasis added]



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Peter Kent is dictating who can see the Govenor General?

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what Harper does not let her out of the country  unless it is with one of his lackeies, err....guards....err MPs?


remind wrote:

Peter Kent is dictating who can see the Govenor General?

Yeah. If my understanding of tradition/law is correct, G.I. Jean was appointed for 5 years - meaning she's due to be flushed next August. Given her high regard for morality, principle, and conscience, I'm guessing that no self-humiliation would be too low to keep on snacking at the trough. And being a shrewd bootlicker, she figures Harper will still be in power then, so...

Wait a sec... she may even get a teensy bit of credit for Harper surviving past 2008!!!

Anyway, when weighing (1) a visit with Roblero's bereaved family, versus (2) her millions, her gowns, and her palace, I figure she came up with the right decision - after Peter Kent told her what it was.



This is hilarious.

Here's what the [url=G&M">http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/mining-activists-death-depl... said:[/url]

"We will be following this situation closely with the firm hope and conviction that justice will be served," Ms. Jean said.

Compare that to what the CBC reported (in my post #6 above):

Michaëlle Jean said the killing was deplorable and inexcusable and that she and the mining firm would be following the situation closely with the hope justice would be served.

Much as I would like to believe the CBC version, I'm afraid even G.I. Jean wasn't as blatant as the CBC "reporter" made her out to be!!

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[url=http://www.dominionpaper.ca/articles/3166]Murders in mining country: Canadian companies at the scene[/url]


Not sure this is being discussed elsewhere or not. 

From the Toronto Star:

Bill to crack down on mining operations in poor countries defeated

Liberal MP John McKay’s hotly disputed private member’s legislation to toughen scrutiny of mining, gas and oil companies overseas was narrowly defeated, 140-134.

“This government has no interest in any kind of meaningful regulation of this particular industry.”
About a dozen Liberals, including party leader Michael Ignatieff, did not show up for the vote. And several NDP and Bloc Québécois MPs were also missing when the roll call was taken.
McKay, the MP for Scarborough-Guildwood, acknowledged his Liberal colleagues could have put his bill over the top if more had stood in the Commons to support him.

From the Steelworkers:

Federal Mining Bill's Defeat Another Black Eye for Canada

Parliament's defeat Wednesday of a private member's bill to improve corporate accountability by Canadian mining companies operating in developing countries is a huge backward step for human rights and for Canada on the international scene, says Ken Neumann, National Director for Canada of the United Steelworkers.

"The Liberal Party, and especially Michael Ignatieff, displayed an astonishing lack of commitment to one of their own member's efforts to do the right thing with this bill," said Neumann.

"Liberals claim to be a party that honours human rights, but their absence in a vote that would have made a small, but real difference to many thousands of people in the world affected by Canadian mining, oil and gas extraction is shameful."




Apparently there were 13 Liberals and 4 NDP MPs whose absence ensured defeat of this bill. This demonstration of continued parliamentary support for a Canadian mining industry whose practices are notorious around the world, as well as the continuing deadly asbestos trade, should trigger citizen outrage and increased pressure to curb and control this arrogant, ecocidal and out of control industry


Noticably absent were;


Gerard Kennedy

Michael Ignatieff

Martha Hall-Findlay

Scott Brison

At least we now know who is beholden to corporate lobbyists.
I'm curious to know if Ignatieff intentionally made sure enough Liberals stayed away that the bill was defeated.

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Ignatieff, spineless as he is, made some excuse about the Bill being flawed.


There is a bill coming up from the NDP that deals with the same problems but MacKay said it was DOA. I want to repost from the polling thread.

Scott Andrews Liberal A

Charlie Angus NDP A

André Arthur Independent A

Robert Bouchard Bloc Quebecois A

Scott Brison Liberal A

Sukh Dhaliwal Liberal A

Ruby Dhalla Liberal A

Ujjal Dosanjh Liberal A

Martha Hall Findlay Liberal A

Monique Guay Bloc Quebecois A

Jay Hill Conservative A

Bruce Hyer NDP A

Michael Ignatieff Liberal A

Jim Karygiannis Liberal A

Gerard Kennedy Liberal A

Francine Lalonde Bloc Quebecois A

Carole Lavallée Bloc Quebecois A

Yves Lessard Bloc Quebecois A

Keith Martin Liberal A

Pat Martin NDP A

John McCallum Liberal A

Jim Prentice Conservative A

Geoff Regan Liberal A

Anthony Rota Liberal A

Glenn Thibeault NDP A

My reply to Bookish:

I was looking at your list and that is the front bench of the libs...fricking disgrace. Bad enough us not voting for it, but this is the bill the Iggy was yelling about and it was sooo needed. Libs won't even support their own bill. Celli tried to say the NDP got lobbied into it and she "tried" to get hold of them(something she mentioned 3 times) but they didn't get back to her. She of course omitted the fact the libs didn't vote for their own bill. I wrote to ONtario Today to lodge my comments. I doubt they will get through the liberal spin.


The mining lobby broke the liberals backbone. 

Evening Star

There's a corporation called "Metallica Resources Inc"??


Yes and their motto is Seek And Destroy their CEO is The Phantom Lord- not to worry he has No Remorse over the tactics employed to get at the resources Trapped Under Ice because in his own words "And Nothing Else Matters".

Sad But True

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[url=https://www.thestar.com/opinion/editorials/2016/08/21/ottawa-should-make... Star: Ottawa should make mining companies more accountable[/url]