Canada’s Indentured Powerlessness

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Canada’s Indentured Powerlessness

Canada’s Indentured Powerlessness

Where there is silence and no “thrust of intention” sovereign nations cease to exist.

“Powerlessness and silence go together. We should use our privileged positions not as a shelter from the world’s reality, but as a platform from which to speak. A voice is a gift. It should be cherished and used.”

– Margaret Atwood, Canadian author and novelist

Margaret Atwood’s quote goes a very long in describing the present state of Canada in the year 2016. We have now had two successive governments that are too silent, too submissive and indentured to powerlessness.  In fairness, of course, it must be said,  the present government is in the early stages of its mandate but there are already strong indications it will be little different from its predecessor and unlikely to deliver on the “Real Change” it so generously professed during the recent election.

 Several issues exemplify this indentured powerlessness:

  • In Opposition the present government saw fit to support the Draconian Bill C-51; once elected it promised to modify it. It is most certainly going to stay in place untouched as these despotic bills are the centerpieces of the over wrought police state surveillance mentally hapless Western governments are addicted to.


  • The controversial F35 JSF is once again being reviewed; even though the present government campaigned on it no longer being a contender. The very fact that it is still on the short list indicates will it be chosen for all the wrong reasons. Canada will be stuck with overpriced military junk with very steep maintenance costs. As experts have pointed out this is a “hangered” aircraft as most NATO countries will be hard pressed to find the funds to maintain it, let alone to fly it.


  • As a NATO member, Canada has been a combatant in wars in Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. We have participated in the utter destruction of these countries that has resulted in the millions of refugees that now overwhelm Europe and beyond.  Meanwhile, we congratulate ourselves for taking in a token number of these refugees. For Canada participating in this wanton destruction and driving populations out of their homelands through endless NATO bombing is a contemptible hypocrisy. To say nothing of selling “jeeps” to the Saudi’s to support our corrupted militarized industrial base.


  • With the advent of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Canada’s day of reckoning has arrived. For the last 60 years Canada has been trading away its sovereignty, now we have arrived at the last chapter of a tale of woe, of economic and political expediency prevailing over the needs of nation building .  The betrayal has been driven by our economic and political elites that see the country as no more than an appendage to the empire and a sacrifice to it. Our governments  have become no more than gatekeepers in a servant state.


Where media coverage of the TPP has been scant in this country, especially considering its implications for us, it has been quite vociferous in the US independent media and elsewhere.  As Canadians are short changed by our political and economic elites, so too are we by our mainstream media.  

  There are the repeated warnings that any country ratifying the TPP is resigning its sovereignty.  For Canada this is blazingly obvious as our sovereignty has been sapped away incrementally for the last fifty years. Our gatekeeper/servant state government is no doubt ready to ratify the TPP at our expense. It remains for Canadians to decide if we are going to allow this to be so.

It was over 50 years ago that Canadian philosopher George Grant wrote his seminal book, Lament for a Nation. For a nation to exist he wrote, “There must be a thrust of intention into the future.” In other words a sovereign nation must maintain policies, practices, and core values that sustain it. Where it fails to do so and allows this thrust of intention to be usurped sovereignty goes into atrophy and death.

There are those who maintain that the death of Canada is an inevitable cost of being on the door step of empire.  This though is a pathetic fallacy most often used to justify indifference, and commercial and political indolence.

As Grant so rightly suggests where there is no “trust of intention’, nations cease to exist. Nationhood is an act of political will, where there is no will there is no nation and the historical outcome is deplorable- from colony to nation to colony.  

In the year 2016 Canada is only one of many countries poised to fall victim  to so called trade agreements like the TTIP, TPP, the TISA. Populations have been duped before and it appears we are to be duped again. The difference between Grant’s time and the present is that now the lament is no longer national but international as governments around the world are prepared to buy into this grand deception.  Governments are in the thrall of the global corporatocracy and all too willing to sacrifice their populations to a global fascism.

The danger in the world today is that fewer and fewer people are making bigger and bigger decisions for the majority. These decisions are made in the further pursuit of greed and power and they are willing to resort to endless trickery and violence to achieve this dominance.

Sharing a border with the world’s preeminent super power is never an easy    task. It requires nimble statecraft but it is a pathetic excuse for becoming a gatekeeper/servant state without any regard for maintaining a decent measure of sovereignty and human morality.


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