Count Iggula takes the fight to New Democrats

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janfromthebruce wrote:

Yeah, but Iggy has a voting record, as well as his support of Bush in torture. I burst out laughing when I heard a radio ad with Iggy pitching for health, education and national childcare - litterly burst out laughing - everybody knows it's bullshit - he's a blue as blue can be!

Of course he is but he is doing a very good job of sounding like a left liberal.  Jack also sounds like a left liberal so I guess the campaign only comes down to whether Canadian voters will hop a ride on the new Red bus because it promises to take them to the same station as the Orange bus.  I think Iggy is looking good on the campaign trail and I think that if the Cons have miscalculated and they have not destroyed Iggy's brand yet their ads will backfire and become the unofficial Liberal slogan.

I only wish "everybody knows its bullshit" was true.  I suspect that both the Cons and Libs will get more votes than any of the other parties in the election so apparently what they are selling lots of people are buying.


lol, sure dust off all previous editions of the lib liebook and pretend those promises are all shining new. I guess Jack is going to have to take on lib liebook 10ed or whatever because it's a joke as usual.


Yes I can't help but assume the Liberl red book is just another April fool's day joke. Every day is April fooled ya for that party.

We need a real electoral system!