Doing Police / Political Video (the right way)

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Doing Police / Political Video (the right way)

Police forces throughout North America are employing video to increase accountability
and build trust. These efforts are bound to fail.

First they couldn't pick a worse recording method than a camcorder on the chest.
Many events will be missed and video flexibility is lost. Using a hand held recorder as one
would use a flashlight can enhance video, capture sunrise / sunsets and street scapes,
Police Video can be made more interesting to watch.

This video needs to be quickly uploaded (unedited) to the net.

To accomplish this. Daily video would be played back on a large screen and a
Fast forward recording of that uploaded immediately to the host site.

4+ hrs of daily shift video can be viewed in 15 to 20 minutes this way. Requested segments will be uploaded in their entirety.

Allowing police to control the video won't build trust. Re. The city of Gardena Police video
From 2013 just recently being released.

Citizen volunteers will be employed to do the recording and archiving.

The originals will also be available on USB sticks and Disk drives at Libraries and alternate

Cell phone video will be readily accepted and PAID for.

Those that are interested can help archive those original clips. Ie Sunsets, Street views,
Thugs on the corner, chase segments, arrests..

Watchers can select and replay just these segments or randomly sample all video.

The Video being unedited and searchable will build trust. Anything less will be seen as a farce.

Police crime can't go unpunished

To eliminate Political Corruption and Cronyism, Elected Officials and Senior Staff must be
watched with video. Bad Elected Officials is an even bigger problem! Billions will be saved and recovered.

Criminal secrecy must be exposed.

Accountability candidate
South Okanagan - West Kootenay (19Oct2015)
Doug Pederson