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By most accounts, Jack Layton should be trying as hard as he can to turn the page on the gun-registry issue.

It has divided his caucus. It has prompted an unseemly feeding frenzy among the other parties hoping to benefit from NDP disarray.

And it has turned the NDP into the centre of negative attention in the blogosphere and the media just as the fall parliamentary session kicks off.

But, for better or for worse, the NDP Leader is doing all he can to keep the issue alive - partly because he promised his rural MPs he would do so, but also because it gives him a platform to play up his consensus-building persona and contrast it deeply with the Harper Conservatives.

"It's battlefield politics versus an attempt to find and develop and nurture a common ground that I guess we're emphasizing here," Mr. Layton said in a wide-ranging interview on Friday to talk about strategy going into the fall session of Parliament.

The NDP Leader doesn't hesitate to talk about his plan to keep the registry alive so he can "fix" it.


Starting at 9:13 your local time on CBC Radio The House:

NDP riding assoc president in Thunder Bay on talking about the gun registry there, on the ground.

Followed by Charlie Angus at 9:24.

You can get it live streamed from the local CBC station 9:13 in that time zone. Dont know if or how it can be picked up from archives later.

Lordy, again at 10:10, the registry is the lead-off content issue of whatever Brent Bambury's new program is called. 

Life, the unive...

Heard Charlie Angus on the House this morning.  He did a stellar job


@ KenS

That Globe article is kind of silly. Surely until the vote is finished people would expect him to give it a lot of attention, and unless he wants to be tarred as a crass politician he won't just bury it afterwards. If he ignored the issue people would accuse him of being blase and not caring

I have read plenty of slurs to that effect, evidence that this is all just as much crass politics as it is about the registry.

So no, I am sure it is not an issue that he would have taken on by choice, but you don't usually get to pick your battles.

In any case, thanks for posting it. It is yet another weird twist in this story.

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