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Harper Government Watch

This note is to start a discussion and accounting of the soon to be many flip flops of the Harper regime. I noticed in the Globe this piece on changes already to the deficit elimination time-frame:


I am sure there will be many more to add as the months go by, the scale of cuts becomes evident and the hidden agenda becomes more visible all the time.

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Someone should start a website, with a Harper Gov't Lie Count, or something like that.

Each lie, flip-flop, or false promise could be counted as they happen.

The Cons floated this about breaking the budget slogans before parliament opens, to get it lost in the shuffle, its not even getting picked up by most media.


Here's a potential one:

Le budget devrait prévoir le coût d'une éventuelle entente entre Ottawa et Québec sur l'harmonisation de la taxe de vente, pour laquelle le gouvernement québécois réclame 2,2 milliards de dollars. En campagne électorale, les conservateurs ont promis une entente d'ici le 15 septembre prochain. Le ministre Flaherty a affirmé mardi que cela « ne sera pas si facile ».

Vansterdam Kid

The deficit issue should be a bigger one. The BC NDP was crucified over the so-called 'fudget budget' in 1996, this is exactly the same thing and it barely registers a mention from the MSM. In fact, this is the second time the Conservatives essentially lied about the budget before the an election and revised their projections downwards after.

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This will probably be the thread used to criticize the Conservative government - perhaps a better title will encourage more to look at the thread and post?

Two issues that I would add to this thread are the Arctic, and the northern pipleine proposed through northern BC to supertankers on the coast. These are two issues that the Cons are vulnerable on, as well as the deficit and all the other stuff that has been raised recently like the F35s, super-prisons, the economy, etc...


So much for the "standing up for Canada" line he used to use so much; definitely replaced by the friends and neighbours approach:



Wikileaks reports another potential reversal. Lets see if they cave into USpressure with a secure majority:



So there are 39 mins including the PM-that is as big as the Chretien cabinet of  2003; so much for limited government.

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disenchanted, I got your message about changing this thread title as per Boom Boom's suggestion. Unfortunately, due to software restrictions, only mods can change thread titles. What would you like me to change it to?


Perhaps Harper Government Watch - critical thread (in keeping with the style used by others here?). You have more experience, so would know better than I what might get people talking. Just trying to engage to avoid feeling too depressed as a radical one-fifth of the voters takes down what the other 4/5 built up. Will be a dreadful time ahead I fear. Would like more input on the ties to particular US based interests who I am sure are funding most of this and will reap the primary benefits.

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Helping corporate farmers seems to be his first step.Voters in the grain growing regions supported him, but not sure they know what is coming for their communities.



Hypocrisy on the Senate issue persists, hopefully to Layton's benefit:

"He's taking people who have been defeated, who have been rejected by voters.... You should earn your place in the Senate and if you can't get elected, you shouldn't be appointed to the Senate two weeks later."



apologoes for the glitch on the last post -


Hidden agenda no longer so hidden: hope the federal civil service can make it tough on them as they go forward.


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Conservative party conflict brewing over voting rules Laughing


Quebec Tories are also angry about the amendments, with some viewing it as the possible final nail in coffin of the party in the province after a disappointing election campaign there. Already, riding association presidents fear they won't be able to encourage dispirited members to be delegates at the June convention.

"Quebecers see it as them being forced out of the party," said Peter White, a longtime party member and riding association president in the Quebec riding of Brome-Mississquoi.


Atlantic "red" tories are thinking along the same lines... but the actual MPS with the exception of the now departed Bill Casey are quite willing to cave for personal benefit, and will have a lot to answer for if Harper's open federalism undermines health and education in these provinces.

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Peter MacKay is one of those Atlantic 'red' tories - no? And he's the one at the centre of this story.


"let them eat cake" Kiss


disenchanted wrote:

These are the vultures circling us now...


______________________________________________________________________________________ Our kids live together and play together in their communities, let's have them learn together too!


This is downright creepy; sends another chill through the public service:


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Health Canada has a truckload of such stories, e.g. see Shiv Chopra, Margaret Hayden, etc, etc.

Silenced Scientists


Yes they seem to approximate the experineces cited in this Australian study: