Harper government near 'tipping point'?

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Doctor Manderly

To capatilize on it the NDP will need to be well organized and well funded...

Vansterdam Kid

Sean in Ottawa wrote:

And on the pension thing note that the excuse was the huge boomer generation but this comes in just in time to hit Gen X with boomers exempted. I have not met a Boomer who thinks this is fair -- never mind any other generations.

Exactly, the boomers get away with theft again. But at least they "feel" guilty! Excuse my cynicism, but L. O. L.


Stephen Harper's Illusions - by Fidel Castro


"I was really amazed after I made a much deeper analysis of the activities carried out by Canadian transnationals in Latin America. I know about the damage caused by the Yankees to the people of Canada. They forced the country to look for oil by extracting it from huge expanses of sand that are impregnated with that fluid, this causing an irreparable damage to the environment of that beautiful and extensive country...

The OAS is supposed to be a pan-American organization. Any country in Europe, Asia or Oceania could not belong to OAS just because it has a colony, as is the case of France in Guadeloupe; or the Netherlands in Curacao. But the British colonialism could not define the status of Canada and explain whether it was a colony, a republic or a kingdom.."

none of the above - a 'dominion'




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