Harper Harpie Ruby Jones strikes again

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Green Grouch
Harper Harpie Ruby Jones strikes again

That Harperesque sicko Ruby is at it again... this time exploring Harpoon's dubious Family ties:


I'm looking so forward to seeing Harper Girl at the Fringe Festival tonight here in Toronto.  :)

If anyone wants to go, it's at Theatre Passe Murialle Backspace, at 16 Ryerson Avenue (near Bathurst and Queen - you can google it for exact directions).  It's $10 per ticket, and starts at 9:30 tonight.  I suggest getting there half an hour to 45 minutes early to buy your ticket, and then get in line for a good seat.

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What dubious family ties?


That Ruby, she knows her man.  LOL

Too funny, thanks for the link.


You'll have to forgive me. I'm a 'babe in the woods' when it comes to Ruby. Is she a comedian who is poking satire at Harpo and his supporters? Is it a case of those who did not vote for and are deeply frightened by Harpo 'get it'? And those who voted for and like (if that's possible)/support Harpo don't 'get it' - that she's poking fun at them, that is?LaughingEmbarassed


I'm thinkin' so.


oldgoat wrote:

I'm thinkin' so.


Ha! Ha!Laughing

CPC spokesperson: While we admire "Harper Girl's" support of our Prime Minister and party, we find her overzealous enthusiasm somewhat embarrassing.Embarassed