Harper hires Toronto elitist for chief of staff

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Harper hires Toronto elitist for chief of staff

OTTAWA – A corporate deal-maker is trading Bay St. for Parliament Hill to become Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s new chief of staff.

Nigel Wright, a managing director of Toronto-based Onex, is expected to take over later this fall as the senior official in Harper’s inner circle, replacing Guy Giorno.

Read it [url=http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/article/865946--stephen-harper-taps-b....


Did Baird vett him?


Wright, despite whatever namecalling he will be subjected to, is a smart cookie. It boggles the mind that he will put up with Harper's nonsense on the economy and other matters. Frankly I am surprised and highly doubt that this will last.

Sean in Ottawa

It doesn't need to last. Likely this is a pre-election/election gig. After the election he will go back to making money having done his best to keep a government that will allow him to keep the money he makes.

Makes sense to me.


I remember meeting this guy in university 25 years ago. He is absolutely the most quintessential private school educated upper-class twit you could possibly imagine. I recall that his main past time was sipping sherry with divinity students at Trinity College.


Stockholm: Trinity College -- saynomore, saynomore, nudge nudge wink wink.

thorin_bane: indeed.


thorin_bane wrote:


monty python!

Hang on.  Someone in another thread said that class doesn't exist.  Pass the comfy chairs, please.


At least we got a laugh out of this. The sad part is pretty soon the rat tart sketch is going to be normal dinners for some.

It has quite a lot of rat actually :)

Malcolm Malcolm's picture

1. No one said class didn't exist.  The observation was that the "working class" don't identify as working class and therefore the language of class is not helpful in mobilizing them.

2. Nigel spent very little time sipping sherry with divines - though I'll admit he and I had a few very good chats over single malt scotch.

3. Nigel's no twit.  Doubt he'd care for that pretendy populism Harper tries to layer himself with.

4. Nigel does fit the mold of the Toronto elitist though.

Geoff OB

Prior to the gun registry vote, Harper accused the Liberals and the NDP of sucking up to the Toronto elite by supporting the registry.  Now, he hires a prominent member of the Toronto elite to be his Chief of Staff.  Harper's hypocrisy is breath-taking.