Hilarious - Harper gets the bunker treatment

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Hilarious - Harper gets the bunker treatment

This is hilarious...


Also check out ... http://harperdictatorship.ca/

P.S. I didnt make this site or the video, just a fan Smile

Left J.A.B.

Okay I am really uneasy about the Hitler comparisons but that was freakin funny.

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Left J.A.B. wrote:
Okay I am really uneasy about the Hitler comparisons but that was freakin funny.

Well to give some backstory here for those unaware the bunker treatment is an internet meme, people subtitle that same scene in "downfall" (the movie that clip is from) over all kinds of things, ive seen obama versions etc ...

So whilesome ppl will see this and think ppl are being extreme its actually more of a meme then anything, that aside, ya, its pretty hilarious, I laughed pretty hard and really, Harper is horrible, hes a disgusting person and a nightmare of a leader, I want him out on his ass and I want the red tories to take over his evangelical, neo-con, racist, homophobe, sexist party ...

I never thought id see the day when Joe Clark seemed less of an idiot, well Harper and his party has made Joe Clark and even Mulroney look like good guys ...

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There is a fair comparison to be made from our current situation with the Weimar Republic years in Germany.


Brian Topp: Our friends on the blue team seem to mostly focus on sticks, and not so much on carrots. ;)

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Ya but as soon as u mention Hitler u lose credibility, we would agree that Harper is a fascist but most ppl arent bright enough to catch that or simply dont want to believe its possible ...

 Its a meme, thats why it was made, its funny and to be enjoyed on that level ...

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"I don't want to end up like Manning." - priceless.

The meme, clocking in at 3:45, allows for a lot of hilarious ranting that you can imagine Harper doing.


The one for McCain is pretty good too.


madmax wrote:

I like this one...


WellEmbarassed, der fuehrer is right about that one. Every other Harley I've seen leaks oil from some gasket for another. What were they thinking?


I can't believe how many of these there are:

Hitler as Dallas Cowboys fan


Hitler's problems with Windows Vista


Hitler finds out he's a joke on YouTube


and many, many more



Thanks for the links....