How the Crown cooked its own goose on the Duffy trial

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How the Crown cooked its own goose on the Duffy trial

December 21st 2015

By Sandy Garossino

Crown counsel cross-examining Mike Duffy in his bribery and corruption trial didn't ask a single question concerning the $90,000 cheque lying at the heart of this case. To any trial lawyer, that's the clearest signal that they’ve given up the ghost on this trial.

Whether it's a dead duck, a turkey, or a Norwegian Blue parrot, the party's over for this bird. Duffy will walk on the bribery counts.

Stripped of legal flotsam and jetsam over hairdressers and personal trainers, this case was always about one thing and one thing only: the personal cheque from then PMO chief of staff Nigel Wright to Mike Duffy. Or rather, to be exact, a bank draft to Duffy’s lawyer in the amount of $90,172.24.

According to the RCMP and Crown theories, Mike Duffy accepted a bribe from Nigel Wright of same. On Thursday, the Crown quietly folded its tent.

Those charges always reeked of unfairness. Bribery, like drug trafficking, ensnares both sides in the transaction. If the Crown’s theory was that Mike Duffy had accepted a bribe from Nigel Wright, it never washed that Wright wasn’t charged.


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I agree.

I've always had a hard time understanding what "crime" Duffy might have committed (given that being a self-serving sycophant isn't covered by the Criminal Code). A "not guilty" verdict would be very satisfactory. The failure to prosecute the real criminals, unfortunately, seems to be immune to any legal proceedings that can be brought by mere citizens. And suckers will continue to scream about Duffy, Wallin, and the Senate, as if they are the problem.


I agree with you.

As much as I dislike Duffy, both for his behaviour IN the Senate, and for his Conservative shilling for Harper BEFORE he got to the Senate, I think Duffy was made the fall guy for Nigel Wright and the others in the Harper PMO.

While Duffy's disgraceful greed & arrogance got him into this mess, it's obvious that it wasn't fair to slap him with 31 charges while Wright & the others got away with concocting this scheme.