Ignatieff Denounces Israeli Apartheid

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Ignatieff Denounces Israeli Apartheid

...back in 2002.


UK Guardian [url=http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2002/apr/19/israel3]article[/url] by the Count from April, 2002:



When I looked down at the West Bank, at the settlements like Crusader forts occupying the high ground, at the Israeli security cordon along the Jordan river closing off the Palestinian lands from Jordan, I knew I was not looking down at a state or the beginnings of one, but at a Bantustan, one of those pseudo-states created in the dying years of apartheid to keep the African population under control.


Not only that, but he throws in a reference to the Crusades. Brainiac!


(Spotted by [url=http://ezralevant.com/2009/01/is-ignatieff-going-wobbly-on-i.html]Ezra Levant[/url). 

M. Spector M. Spector's picture

The OP provides the link to the original article in The Guardian where Iggy's words appear.

Why is it necessary for babble to link to that fascist Levant's weblog, thereby boosting his Google search ranking?

martin dufresne

(edited) Much has changed since 2002. It appears that Mr. Ignatieff now has words of conscience for every audience.

martin dufresne

Sorry about that, M. Spector, I edited it out: hadn't noticed the hyperlink in the OP.*

But I think we should always know what Canada's most influential right-wingers are up to. If it's additional pressure on Ignatieff to be even more supportive of Israel, I want to know.


*Won't some of us be hopping mad when it turns out that there WAS a simple method of making hyperlinks visible in the new Babble?